Hedong Rural Commercial Bank builds compliance firewall through three lines of defense

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Compliance is the foundation of development and the bottom line of business development.In order to further enhance the compliance consciousness, promote the stable development business, hand in hand to achieve the compliance culture construction and management of convergence, since this year, hedong farming commercial Banks continued to carry out the compliance culture construction, signed by executives to preach, inter alia, since the promise oath to build “everyone speak compliance, everything everywhere risk prevention” good atmosphere.Open the senior management propaganda, build a solid production safety defense.Centering on the compliance education activities of “three and one” for senior executives, senior executives preach compliance and practice compliance by setting an example.Supervisor: at the beginning of the New Year, comrade guang-ming liu to “safety in production, the epidemic prevention and control” as the theme, had a wonderful for all staff “to return to work of production safety first class”, stressing the need to continue to strengthen technology dimension, laying solid foundation civil air defense, strengthen the compliance, improve system execution, earnestly implement security and epidemic prevention and control work,Resolutely prevent all kinds of work safety accidents, to provide a strong guarantee for the healthy and sustainable development of the bank.Sign compliance commitment letter, build a solid behavioral risk defense line.In order to strengthen employee behavior management, strengthen employee compliance awareness, prevent case risks, and continue to deepen the guiding and restraining role of employee code of conduct and employee ban red line,Continue to organize whole personnel sign at the beginning of this year’s goal responsibility of prevention and control of the case, “the staff compliance rite undertaking the staff relative to supervise staff behavior pledge” employee behavior undertaking “compliance rite undertaking a total of more than 580 copies, aims to require every employee no matter when, no matter where, don’t forget to compliance rite, of their own behavior, cherish career life,Strengthen the awareness of risk prevention and compliance management.Pledge to fulfill duty commitment, build a solid ideological defense line.In order to earnestly implement the internal management system, urge employees to strictly implement the business operation process, keep the bottom line of compliance, resolutely resist violations, and safeguard the safety, interests and honor of RURAL Commercial Bank, the bank organized all employees to carry out the pledge of 2022 compliance performance on the first day of class opening.More than 200 members of the leading group of the headquarters, middle-level officials and all agency personnel attended the oath ceremony. Meanwhile, departments, sub-branches and direct management offices organized and carried out the oath of compliance performance respectively.This pledge activity forms a positive compliance culture within the whole bank, guides employees to establish a proactive compliance awareness, consciously resist violations of laws and regulations, effectively enhance risk prevention ability, and prevent and control case risks.The construction of compliance culture is the cornerstone of sound operation, and risk prevention and control is the common responsibility of all employees.In the next step, the bank will do a solid job in the construction of compliance culture, and continue to create a compliance scope of “regulated behavior, prudent supervision, vigorous inspection and effective control”, so as to realize the synergy of internal control management and business development, and achieve high-quality development of all businesses.(Zhang Na) Linyi Information network for customers to provide advertorial publishing services, we media promotion.Linyi Information net copyright and disclaimer: 1. 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