Children do things always dawdle, can try to take the initiative to be passive, give the child positive guidance

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“Can you hurry up a little, let you grind every day, I’m tired of death.”It happens every morning when I hear the next door neighbor yelling at his kids to get to school.We usually can often hear the parents blame their children to do things too slow, especially the parents are a hothead, the children do things but procrastinate, it is about to be his children all kinds of behavior crazy.Indeed, such examples abound in our life.Many parents will quarrel with their children many times because of this matter, and complain that children do things too tardy. In fact, parents scold too much, it is better to do these three things.A, the initiative into passive “every morning my child how to call also can’t call, the child’s mother is particularly impatient, and I am not in a hurry, the eat the drink, and so on to the time point, the child is naturally anxious, then the child will be a lesson.”A parent shared this with me once about their child procrastinating.In his understanding, children are too inky, in fact, they are still unaware of the urgency of their own tasks. In this state, if parents insist on pushing, children are willing to correct, if parents conflict with their children because of this matter, it will also affect the relationship and harmony between parents and children.So if parents do not listen to dissuasion, they can teach their children a lesson by letting them learn from their mistakes.If the children don’t come up in the morning, that parents urged a few times still don’t listen to, parents can not hold up under the premise of important things, let him stay in bed, such as time goes by things state is more urgent, children can experience the time is not full of regret, with this lesson, children naturally know how to plan the time in the future.2, train children’s independent consciousness, let the children learn to be responsible for what you have to do some parents always like to do everything for your child, be late for even if, for example, children haven’t tidy up thing, parents is very anxious to pack up to the child, but little imagine, parents this blindly spoil children, indulge their behavior,It only makes them more dependent on their parents later in life.If one day parents forget to remind their children that their children have missed something important, they will also blame the fault on the parents, but not themselves.This is what happens when parents do everything for their children and don’t let them bear the consequences of their own mistakes.In fact, parents do not need to be particularly nervous about their children, to believe that children have their own ability to deal with problems.Cultivate children’s sense of time as early as possible if you want to let children do things without procrastination, parents should pay attention to cultivate children’s sense of time from a young age.Most of the children are doing things slowly, do things slowly mentality, parents can give children in the specified time to arrange tasks, or for the next week, a month’s plan, make a schedule.After making a detailed planning list, parents carefully supervise the implementation of each task of their children. In order to hasten the completion of their children’s tasks as soon as possible, parents should make their children’s plan list detailed and specific.In addition, in order to make children more motivated and persistent to complete the task, parents can give their children timely encouragement and support.Disclaimer: All the photos are from Instagram, and the blogger is @kidzootd. If you have your own unique insight into parenting, or have encountered a problem that makes you feel confused, feel free to discuss it