2 goals in 11 minutes, 2-1 reverse!Spaniard 4 round only 1 points, Wu Lei 0 shots 0 people

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Espanyol conceded two goals in 11 minutes after Villenna opened the scoring in the first three minutes of the Primera Liga round 23 on Sunday, losing 2-1 to Athletic Bilbao.The 2-1 result gave espanyol two consecutive defeats and four defeats, extending their five-game winless run against Athletic Bilbao, who they last beat four years ago.After a 2-1 away shock win over valencia, espanyol have taken just one point from their last four games with one draw and three defeats.However, with 27 points after 23 games, the Spaniards are still nine points above cadiz in the relegation zone and are under no immediate pressure to avoid relegation.To the relief of Chinese fans, Chinese soccer star Wu Lei finally got his chance to play on the eighth day of the Chinese New Year.Wu came on as a substitute in the 74th minute after trailing 2-1, making his first appearance in La Liga in 71 years after sitting on the bench for 90 minutes in seven consecutive games.It is a pity that Wu Lei played 19 minutes or 0 shots 0 people.Match recap – Three minutes into the match, Espanyol made a dream 1-0 start when Jorge Puedo forced his way past on the right and sent in a low cross that Verena volleyed into the top right corner.Athletic Bilbao drew 1-1 in the fifth minute after Garcia sent a overhead pass and Sensett volleyed home from an offside position.Athletic Bilbao made it 2-1 in the 16th minute after Berenguer’s free-kick hit the wall and Vivien volleyed his second to the left before Inigo Martinez headed home from close range.The Spaniards conceded two goals in 11 minutes to complete a 2-1 comeback by Athletic Bilbao.