Xianyang City investment Group: New Year greetings to send blessings to the staff warm hearts

2022-06-08 0 By

According to the arrangement of the Group, on February 1st, the first day of the Chinese New Year, Lei Jun, deputy General Manager of the Group, visited the cadres and workers who stick to the front line, conveyed the care and warmth of the Group, and extended New Year’s greetings and sincere greetings to them.The person in charge of the office and trade union office shall accompany him.”Happy New Year, you were laborious.”Lei jun and his delegation visited the West Railway Station and Gaoxin Hotel successively to express sympathy and gratitude to the frontline epidemic prevention and control workers, and had face-to-face communication with relevant officials to inquire in detail about the logistics and material support for the workers.He said that the staff of the medical group gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families for the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control, which fully demonstrated the courage and dedication of chengtou people.You must take good personal protection, combine work with rest, and devote yourself to epidemic prevention and control with greater enthusiasm.At the same time, the group company and the labor union will always pay attention to the reasonable demands of the staff, try to solve their practical difficulties, clear away obstacles for their work, and show the temperature of THE city with considerate service.In the era of urban construction investment project construction site, lei jun heard the project brief work during the Spring Festival, inquired about the project of epidemic prevention and control, salary payment, logistics, etc., to the migrant workers brothers want to thank you for this years of hard work, but also told project must plan ahead of time, to steady promote good holiday return to work and production work.In jiukesong Medical and Nursing Center, Lei Jun kindly visited the frontline medical staff and had a detailed understanding of the medical and nursing services and supporting facilities.He asked the center to do a good job in service, publicity and branding, so as to accumulate experience and cultivate talents for the next development of the center.In henan street heat exchange station, property in charge of the detailed introduction of this year’s heating equipment transformation.He affirmed the achievements of property management, and stressed: property services related to thousands of families, I hope we do a good job of property management during the Spring Festival, to ensure the safety and stability of the community during the festival, so that the majority of owners have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.Spring Festival greetings source: Xianyang City Chengtou Group editor: CH