Starting at 1900 yuan?IPhone SE price exposure, Apple to cost-effective dry turn over domestic?

2022-06-08 0 By

According to supply chain sources, Apple is expected to hold its spring product event in March and April, bringing in the iPhone SE, iPad Air and many other new products.The latest news shows that the price of the above models officially exposed iPhone SE prices as long as about 1900 yuan, almost equivalent to the price of domestic Android phone 1000 yuan, the news is really reliable?According to 91Mobiles, apple’s import catalogue from India has revealed testing of iPhone SE, iPad Air and iPad10.The iPad Air starts at $599 and the iPhone SE at $300.After the news was exposed, many netizens expressed disbelief at the authenticity of the news and could not imagine that the price of apple’s iPhone is less than 2,000 yuan. Does the iPhone SE really want to compete with the domestic 1,000 yuan phone?This price range is only equivalent to Redmi Note11Pro+. How could Cook make such a decision to lower his price and destroy the image of a high-end brand that has worked so hard for decades? Sinking the market is too complete.The first iPhone SE in 2016 will start at 3,288 yuan (16GB), while the second iPhone SE in 2020 will start at 3,299 yuan (64GB).According to Apple’s pricing habits, the iPhone SE (third generation) launched this year will probably be sold at around 3200 yuan, up to 128GB version of memory can be called “conscience”, how can it be reduced to less than 2000 yuan?Based on rational judgment, most netizens agreed that the news was wrong.As for hardware configuration, it can be determined that iPhone8 is still used as the upgrade template, and the appearance and peripheral parameters are not much improved compared with the previous generation.It has a 4.7-inch LCD retina screen on the front, a Touch ID fingerprint module, no Face ID unlocking, a single lens in the upper left corner of the rear, and a battery capacity of less than 2,500mah.The phone’s biggest selling point is its core performance, powered by the latest generation A15 bionic processor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 5G modem that supports 5G networks.Assuming the final starting price is still around 3,200 yuan, iPhone SE can still be the cheapest 5G phone from Apple. With the strong subsidies from third-party platforms, the price soon drops to around 2,500 yuan to compete with domestic mid-range phones.Because of the experience of the previous generation iPhone SE, the 4.7-inch screen is not suitable for the needs of The Times. Chatting, watching videos and playing games in ultra-small size are a little cramped, and the 2,000-milliampere battery is charged at least twice a day.Such a device is obviously not intended to be used as a mainstay device, but more as a backup device for loyal apple fans or users with a low budget who want to use an iPhone.Q: Do you think the iPhone SE will eventually start at less than 2,000 yuan?Pay attention to first, leave a message again, publish your viewpoint and view, also can search “Lao Sun says mobile phone” private letter your problem!