Shadow leopard original modified 1.5T sports car value!

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Once upon a time, the domestic car design also started to extend in the direction of “performance”, one of the familiar model 03 collared g, mg 6 Pro, and now it is more a national sports car, kei shadow leopard, officer xuan 6.9 seconds to break and exhaust with bilateral and high distribution models and electronic exhaust valve, vigorous opposition seem to have the young heart.The official guidance price of the new car is 983-128,000 yuan. As an original modified sports sedan, trumpchi shadow Leopard is worth the price?About appearance, kei shadow leopard designer is really understand the young people’s aesthetic, rich lines, plus a different color details to try to adorn, coupled with the embedded carbon fiber trim package design, further expand the front face of visual impact, and straight waterfall type blackened grille design also cater to the aesthetic trend of grating in the top right corner of the “S” logo as best line,Enhances the movement of the front face.And in the model name, Trumpchi shadow leopard also did spend a larger “mind”, and the country of the same name, whether it is the front face line or LED headlight modeling, are showing a bit of fierce breath, full of desire to fight.In terms of size, trumpchi Shadow Leopard is 4700/1850/1432mm in length, width and height, and 2736mm in wheelbase, leading mg 6 Pro in size and providing better spatial performance.In addition, new car side also dynamic modelling, sharp lines around the body two side, cooperate to slip back coupe body design, supplemented by the roof from A column extensions to the C column of black highlights details adorn, further enhance the sideways movement of breath, and 18 inches of double color petals wheel with different color coating calipers undoubtedly strengthened sideways movement.The rear part of the car, the most striking thing about The Chuanqi Shadow Leopard is the rare bilateral exhaust at the same level, which is decorated with diffuser decoration and imitation carbon fiber spoiler. With the wide shoulder design, the sports attribute is directly pulled full, and the shape is very eye-catching.In addition, the car is equipped with electronic valve exhaust, rumbling sound is one of the “killer” of The Leopard, easy to win the favor of young users.Into the car, chuanqi shadow leopard’s interior is still full of movement, flat bottom steering wheel, with the appearance of the same color yellow stitching, red line electronic stopper and other designs are its interior highlights, creating a rich atmosphere of movement.In addition, the interior layout of Trumpchi Shadow Leopard is also quite brilliant. Simple and smooth line elements are complemented by double-layer composite center console design, as well as the imitation carbon fiber decorative plate covering the shift area, which makes the visual texture no less than that of middle and advanced cars.The dual 10.25-inch screen that stands in front of the main driver enhances the technological feel of the interior, complementing the sport-themed display elements on the screen, and is hard not to be liked by younger people.In terms of power, the trumpchi is powered by a 1.5t engine with a maximum power output of 177 HP and a torque output of 270N·m, matched with a 7DCT transmission.According to the measured results, the new car is equipped with Gitong F22 tires, the specification is 225/45 R18. The tire skidded at the start, resulting in a small part of power consumption. In the early stage of acceleration, the 1.5T engine carried by the new car provides a good explosive force, but limited by the small basic displacement, the middle and rear stage of acceleration is slightly weak.After several repeated tests, the new car’s zero hundred acceleration time is 8.2 seconds, which is different from the official announcement of 6.9 seconds, but the power performance is really good, can give a good evaluation.If we can change to a sporty tyre with better grip, we should get better acceleration.If you have 130,000 yuan, is it worth buying a Trumpchi Leopard?This will divide the situation, for the average family users, bilateral strutting his stuff out exhaust and double color body design in addition to reveal personality no other meaning, and slightly lower configuration of leopard J11 edition models not only lower prices, and power is constant, the configuration is still rich, high practicality, high cost performance, and for the pursuit of sports personality of young people,The style and sound are the “soul” of trumpchi shadow leopard. It is valuable to have personality.