How to create a “haunted” traffic jam on navigation software?

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Original ByArsT author | ByArsT email | “Clearly there is no car on the road, the navigation must tell me the road congestion, like a ghost, if in the middle of the night I dare not walk.I believe that many friends have encountered the above situation, clearly there are only a few cars on the road, the navigation map must show the current congested section, so that many friends do not know the specific situation chose to bypass the section.It happened to be during the Spring Festival, we all started to go home, in my side there are some friends encountered such a situation, put forward questions about this matter.I asked several colleagues who often drive around me. Indeed, such a situation has appeared in almost all the mainstream navigation software at present. If someone travels in the middle of the night, such a situation will be really scary.So what causes the congestion of mobile navigation information to be “hard to distinguish between real and fake”?Well, if we’re going to figure this out, we need to start with navigation software called traffic information.The navigation software wants to know the detailed information of the road condition, and the intelligent analysis of whether the road section is crowded, in fact, it is not difficult, in principle is very simple, the most important or “user data” this link.In the era of big data, when each of us opens the App to obtain convenience, we also need to carry out “equivalent substitution”. Only by paying corresponding information can we use it for free, so in the navigation level, what we pay is our driving data.The driving data here refers to the driving speed and route of the vehicle. Through our mobile phone GPS information, the system can obtain the driving speed, location, direction and other information, and convert this information into traffic flow information, so that the navigation system can accurately judge whether the route is congested or not through big data.If the GPS location information stays on a certain line for too long, the system will suspect whether there is a traffic jam or an accident.If it’s hard to confirm, it even pops up a notification asking if you’re stuck in traffic or in an accident, and lets us choose yes or no.Of course, big data does not use “individual data” to make an overall judgment, it will also integrate all the user information on the road.For example, if 10 signals appear on this road, and all 10 signals are in a slow driving state, the system will basically judge the road as a traffic jam, and let other users avoid this congested route.Some friends may feel that such data is not accurate, but in fact, there are enough samples to provide data for the navigation system, and this is the “bottom line” of these navigation software.At present, the number of navigation software users is very large. In April 2021 alone, the average daily life of Autonavi platform has exceeded 100 million, and the current head navigation software is not only autonavi.In 2021, Autonavi will have 33 percent of the market and Baidu Map 32.7 percent, accounting for more than 60 percent of users.In addition to navigation software, most of the vehicle navigation platform and these navigation platform for cooperation to obtain map information, at the same time will also upload your driving information to the server, so, in the number of data, these platforms have enough “bottom”.These platforms also have other ways to verify that user data is accurate.For example, the newly emerged AR navigation in the past two years, while conducting navigation for us, will also secretly look at our road condition information, and whether the server information is consistent, to further ensure the authenticity of information.Three kinds of data assist the authenticity, but the “congestion information” is still not accurate. As we said earlier, the big data of users is the main reason, is there any other data to “assist” the authenticity of information?The answer is yes, and there is more than one. Different from big user data, these data are obtained from public channels and generally divided into three categories.The first type is the user data we just mentioned. As the fundamental source of navigation platform data, user data can provide more comprehensive road condition information, such as some small roads, strange roads, or roads without supervision, user data can give good answers.The second type, is the vehicle GPS information generated from operations, such as GPS information on buses, taxis, can compare real reflect road conditions, and because the bus travel, the fixed route information validation of after a long time, don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the road data, and even the road information to launch in the next few days.The third type is to cooperate with the traffic police department to obtain real-time road monitoring information and read the road license plate information through the identification camera on the road, which is relatively authoritative official data, but this kind of data also has obvious defects, that is, there is a certain blind area, many sections do not have cameras that can identify the information.It can only be said that there is information such as road repair or major accident in a certain section, which can be accurately identified.The integration of these three types of information will form the information network of the current navigation platform, and complete analysis of the nearby road conditions.But is this information accurate?Let’s go back to the question at the beginning of this article. What causes the congestion of mobile navigation information to be “real and fake”?Success is nothing, defeat is nothing.Because the navigation platform has many sources of information, its information has a high degree of authenticity, but intelligent algorithms can only make some superficial recognition, which makes it difficult to understand some human behavior.Some of the “supernatural events”, it is likely that a few vehicles parked at the side of the road opened the navigation, so that the system mistook it as a serious traffic jam on the road, so that a lot of drivers need to pass this road for “misjudgment”, white white around a section of the road.When a user passes this section at normal speed, the system finds an error and adjusts it to the unblocked section in seconds.This is probably the true face of paranormal events.A few days ago, there was a news that exploits this loophole in the system for profit. According to nanyang Daily’s “Live Nanyang” report, some Ride-hailing drivers in Shanghai gathered a large number of mobile phones together, turned on the navigation function of all the phones, and left them on the ground.In this way, the navigation system can rely on big data to judge that there are many vehicles moving slowly or stopping on the road section, and then automatically mark the road section in red and set it as a congested road section.The Nanyang Live News reported that other unsuspecting drivers saw a map of congested roads and made a decision not to take orders around them.So the fake driver can get the order.In 2020, some foreign netizens also made a performance art with the “blind spot” of this system. They loaded 99 smart phones with a red cart, turned on Google Map navigation of all the smart phones, and pulled the cart forward slowly.On the map, the route became redder and more congested, but in reality the streets were empty.”Crack Google Maps” project nearly two years ago, the navigation platform has a good accuracy, especially in the first and second tier cities.But even then, we still can’t say which platform is more “easy to use” because, at the end of the day, algorithms are only capable of a certain degree of intelligence.Although these apps now gather enough information to make the data more accurate, algorithms still don’t understand all human behavior. Hopefully, manufacturers can find better ways to keep people in a hurry from being misled.· The copyright of the article belongs to Pimp and shall not be reproduced without authorization.Original title: How to Create a “Haunted” Traffic Jam on navigation Software