Greater Paris VS Rennes, Paris only lost this season is rennes, this game can revenge?

2022-06-07 0 By

Paris Saint-Germain will be looking for revenge when they host Rennes in the first half of the season.Recent status: Currently in Ligue 1, Greater Paris is the champion, 13 points ahead of the second place, the Ligue 1 champion should have no suspense, at present in various competitions, Paris has been unbeaten in 13 consecutive games, the last round of away, 5-1 victory over the champions lille last season.Ryan in ligue 1 is a good team, a steady stream will be out to young talents, the current Barcelona’s bei he debuted in Ryan, now Ryan was ranked fifth in ligue 1 and 5 games in 2022, Ryan 2-3 harvest, they play is in early February 7 ligue 1, Ryan’s 2-0 defeat at Brest.History: Paris have won five, drawn two and lost three of their last 10 meetings with rennes, losing 2-0 in Ligue 1 last October.Injuries: Geye and Diallo are in doubt for Paris, who have just returned from the Africa Cup of Nations final, with Neymar and ramos remaining out through injury.Rennes: Gomi is also fresh from the African Cup of Nations final, will be available soon.Both sides fighting spirit: although at present in the table has a huge advantage in Paris, the league also has the suspense is not big, but in the face of this season only beat his opponent, the sole aim of reviving the Paris estimation is revenge, was perhaps would win to season unbeaten, “churn” by olli rehn, the more the spirit ah, this is at home in Paris.Rennes side every time to play Paris, the team is also full of morale, play Paris is very uncomfortable, they are currently ranked fifth, because the Ligue 1 only 2.5 places in the Champions League, they are 6 points behind the direct Champions League marseille, there are more than ten rounds of everything is possible, even if the league champions, also have a fight.Result prediction:To see a strong force of Paris in ligue 1 data are highest in ligue 1, and peja, Lionel messi and other players’ individual ability also need not to doubt, in Paris over the past five zero seal their opponents at home, good defensively, and Ryan in the last 10 games, in addition to the loss to the lance, other events also have goals, averaging a goal to achieve two goals above,Two French strikers, Labde and Tyrion, combined to score 24 goals for Rennes.This game is in Paris, considering the strength of Paris itself, the victory should not be suspense, but considering the history of the two teams, and recent form, it is more likely to gain a small victory.