CCTV live!The Chinese women’s football team won the appearance with victory, Shuiqingxia calmly: no big deal

2022-06-07 0 By

Beijing time on February 6th at 19:00, the women’s Football Asia Cup final will start, On February 5th, the Official announcement of the Chinese women’s football match, CCTV will live broadcast the match!China’s women’s football team beat Japan in the semifinals of the Asian Cup in the early hours of February 4, Beijing time, winning unanimous praise from fans across the country.However, while applauding the fighting spirit of the women’s soccer team, many people also feel that the living environment of the women’s soccer team is too poor.”When it comes to women’s football, it’s always the big game, but then it drops off and nobody cares,” CCTV special reporter wrote on social media.Many fans commented that the semifinal was not even broadcast on CCTV…It’s an awkward situation, but hard work never goes unnoticed. On February 5th, the official announcement of the Chinese women’s football team revealed that the Final of the Asian Cup will be broadcast live on CCTV.The opportunity to show yourself in front of fans all over the country should also be fought for!It’s a high-profile game, but at the same time, it’s just another game.The reason why Chinese women’s football team is respected is that they show the spirit of not being afraid and not giving up. In terms of strength, Chinese women’s football team is not the best in Asia, let alone ranked in the world.So, even if we win the final against South Korea, we still have to improve step by step. We need to make great efforts to become the top team in Asia and become the world’s top team.”Even if we win tomorrow, I don’t think it will be a great record,” Shui said at a pre-match press conference on February 5. “We will continue to prepare as usual. What I value more is the victory itself.”As for the South Korean women’s football team, Shui qingxia gave high praise, saying that the other team has many excellent players, and the final is also a challenge for the Chinese women’s football team.She said the Chinese women’s soccer team should prepare well and be ready to deal with any difficulties.The players need to build up their confidence and show what they can do.