The body appears these 7 kinds of signals, want to take seriously rise, beware of chronic kidney failure to find, need to pay attention to

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Kidney is an important detoxification organ in the human body. Its main function is to generate urine, so that the body can discharge the waste generated in metabolism, such as urea, uric acid and excess water, so as to maintain the balance and stability of the internal environment of the body, which is conducive to maintaining human health.But people in life will not be careful to harm the kidney behavior, over time, easy to form kidney disease, such as chronic kidney failure is a more common one, this disease if not timely treatment, may pose a threat to people’s life.So how do you find out when you have chronic kidney failure?In fact, the disease can be observed in the early stages, and the body releases signals.When your body lights up with these seven red signs, be on your guard!1, edema When there is excessive fluid retention in the tissue gap, such as skin, subcutaneous tissue fluid retention, increased fluid in the lumen, will lead to body edema.The kidney is the main organ in charge of excretion, and after kidney failure, its excretion function will decline, resulting in edema.If you wake up early and notice swelling in your eyes, face and legs without drinking too much water or exercising too much, it could be a sign of metabolic problems with your kidneys, which could be a sign of chronic kidney failure.2, low back pain of the kidney, under normal circumstances are located on both sides of the lumbar spine, left and right.If the kidney disease, such as nephritis, renal tuberculosis, renal cyst, chronic kidney failure, etc., will make people’s waist pain.If life always feel waist pain for no reason, and feel tired, depressed, also want to consider the possibility of kidney failure.3, proteinuria under normal circumstances, human urine transparent and clear, generally pale yellow, there will not be too much foam.There are a lot of bubbles in urine after pee discovery, and bubble is short time to eliminate hard, showed proteinuria phenomenon, express kidney function is damaged, also be the early signal of kidney failure very likely, must take seriously.4, nausea chronic renal failure in the early stage is mainly manifested as nausea, anorexia and other digestive tract discomfort;The occurrence of these symptoms, excluding the possibility of digestive tract disease, is likely to be a kidney problem, because the kidney function is insufficient, it will affect the normal operation of the digestive system.In the early stage of chronic renal failure, there will be pale or dark, severe dark circles under the eyes, which is due to the serious impairment of kidney function, resulting in the weakened detoxification function.If you often find yourself with a dull, gray complexion and dark circles under your eyes, this could also be a sign of chronic kidney failure.6, anemia patients with chronic kidney failure will appear anemia, also known as chronic kidney failure anemia.Because the body’s erythropoietin is produced in the kidneys, when kidney function is weakened, production of erythropoietin is reduced and patients can become anemic.7, people with diabetes need to be maintained through drugs, but sometimes a little improper care, it is easy to lead to kidney damage, is likely to form chronic kidney failure.Therefore, people with diabetes should pay special attention to the prevention of this disease, and it is best to check the kidney function at the hospital regularly.If the body appears the above seven signals, we must pay attention to it, and active medical diagnosis is the best way.In addition, the kidney master essence, the essence of the viscera are all stored in the kidney, life whether men and women want to keep healthy should pay attention to the protection of the kidney, diet should adhere to the principle of low salt and low fat, eat black food, such as agaric, kelp, black sesame, etc., help to tonify the kidney;Usually to drink more water, stay up less, to ensure adequate sleep;And pay attention to abstinence, avoid excessive consumption of kidney qi.