Foshan will build a most beautiful campus!A large number of new schools opened this year

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In order to learn from the advanced experience of shenzhen and other reform pilot areas, Shunde will promote the construction of the most beautiful campus in the second quarter. Seven campus projects are ready to be launched, including the Foshan New Town compulsory education school project to further strengthen the supply of high-quality teaching resources in Foshan New TownFoshan New town compulsory Education School (junior high school) new project (namely Foshan new Town compulsory Education school project) project is located in Shunde District Lecong Town Wanfu Road south, yingui Road north, baishun road west of the educational land.The project covers an area of 64,066 square meters, with a total construction area of about 75,398 square meters. It is planned to have 54 classes in the near future and 72 classes in the long term.In addition, the most beautiful campuses in the second quarter also include the expansion project of Daliang Honggang Primary School, the new project of Lunjiao Primary Credit Campus (the new project of the former Lunjiao North School), the renovation, upgrading and expansion project of the old campus of Longjiang Lihai School, the extension project of Longjiang Middle School, the original reconstruction of Chenhuinan Memorial Middle School, and the new school in Wujiawei plot.Daliang Honggang Primary School expansion project is located in Daliang Street, Shunde District, Fengnan Road 38, the school covers an area of 10939.77 square meters, building area of 5244.76 square meters.The school currently has 24 classes, and the first phase plans to expand 12 classes, reaching the size of 36 classes;Second, when the surrounding village reconstruction project is promoted, we plan to expand it to 48 classes simultaneously.Lunjiao Branch School New Project (the original Lunjiao North School New Project) project is located in shunde District Lunjiao Street planning Lungui Road east, north of Shuichang Road plot, the school covers an area of 37,420 square meters, planned to build 72 primary school classes.The renovation, upgrading and expansion project of the old Campus of Longjiang Lihai School is located at No.17, Dongtou Industrial and Commercial Avenue, Longjiang Town, Shunde District. The school has 46 classes and about 2000 students, including 24 classes in the primary school and 22 classes in the middle school.It is planned to comprehensively upgrade the original campus of Lehai School and expand the school building infrastructure by using the village to the southeast of Lehai School (about 34.2 mu, the current situation is the industrial zone to be demolished).The total construction area of the expansion project is about 28,000 square meters. After the expansion, lehai School will increase the school size from 46 classes to 60 classes, including 36 classes in the primary school and 24 classes in the middle school. 640 more degrees will be added to meet the needs of nap beds for primary school students and full boarding accommodation in the middle school.Longjiang Middle school extension project is located in the south of Wenhua Road, Longjiang Town, Shunde District. The extension project is the teaching building and living building extension project of Longjiang Middle school.Teaching building expansion project construction area of 13135.93 square meters, providing 28 general classes and 15 professional classrooms.The living building extension project has a construction area of 41,719.49 square meters. The proposed living building can accommodate 3900 seats (including 3,600 students and 300 faculty and staff), provide 3,600 student accommodation, and provide 70 teachers’ apartments.The original reconstruction project of Chenhuinan Memorial Middle School is located in the south of Lezhu Avenue, Chencun Town, Shunde District. The original school covers an area of about 78 mu, and the reconstruction of the school covers an area of about 90 mu with the land of about 11 mu already acquired in the east.The total land area of the school is about 60,000 square meters, and the building area is about 92,000 square meters. The school scale is 60 classes of junior middle school, with a total number of 3,000 students, realizing full boarding.The new school project of Wujiawei block is located in the north of Hengsan Road planned by Chia Hua Neighborhood Committee of Chencun Town, Shunde District. The school covers a total land area of 40,545 square meters, with a total construction area of about 72,500 square meters. The construction design scale is 48 classes, and 2160 public degrees are planned to be added.In order to further increase the supply of quality education resources and promote the construction of the most beautiful campus, In 2022, Shunde District will add 1,500 degrees in kindergartens in compulsory education stage, 15,000 degrees in dormitories and 20,000 beds, involving 20 new renovation and expansion projects, which are expected to be put into use this year. 1A total of 1,500 new kindergarten degrees.3 newly built kindergartens in the community: Wujiawei block kindergarten in Chencun, longjiang Foreign Language School affiliated kindergarten, Xingtan Xingmei Experimental Kindergarten (tentative name).One kindergarten was rebuilt: Liliu Datong Kindergarten.Xingtan Xingmei Experimental Kindergarten (tentative name) 2. Four new compulsory education schools have added 11,700 compulsory education degrees and 11,000 accommodation places.They include Shunkong Ronggui School, Beijiao East China Normal University shunde Mei School (phase I), Lecong Yinghua School and Xingtan Experimental School.3. The 12 compulsory education schools have been renovated and expanded (including the reconstruction of the original site). A total of over 4000 compulsory education degrees have been added, and over 10,000 accommodation places have been added.Including Daliang Shunfeng Junior High School, Liangkai Junior High School, Ronggui Rongli Middle School, Lunjiao Weng You Middle School, Huixian Experimental School, Leliu Xinqiu Junior High School, Jiangyi Junior High School, Fu ‘an Junior High School, Chen Cun Liang Zhao Lin Memorial Primary School, Longjiang Fenghua Junior High School, Longshan Junior High School, Wanggang Primary school and so on.Middle school dormitory building project in ronggui capacity left in lunjiao left left weng archilife middle school expansion project rendering in lunjiao left left left hui xian experimental school expansion project rendering (complex) left left left in lunjiao hui xian experimental school expansion project rendering (dormitory) left left left Jiang Yi middle school dormitory left left left rich Ann middle school dormitory the extension left left leftXingtan Experimental Middle School is scheduled to be opened in September this year. In order to coordinate with the overall planning and development of southwest Shunde district, improve the allocation of educational resources and meet the needs of citizens for quality education, xingtan Experimental Middle School is scheduled to be opened in September.Xingtan Town has built Xingtan Experimental Middle School in the western part of the town, turning it into a high-quality public junior middle school and making it a highlight of education in the southwestern part of Shunde.Xingtan Experimental Middle School is located in Nanlang Village, Xingtan Town, Shunde District, covering an area of about 80 mu, with a construction area of more than 60,000 square meters. The planned investment is 350 million yuan. The design scale is 54 classes, 2700 degrees, 2700 accommodation.The school has a playground, gymnasium, swimming pool and other functional rooms, smart campus equipment and facilities advanced.The construction of Xingtan Experimental Middle School project started in November 2020. At present, all projects are progressing smoothly, and it is expected to be officially put into use in September 2022.”Foshan Release” wechat public account statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will promptly deal with.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)