Another celebrity family emigrating abroad!Living in a 150-year-old apartment, the 92-year-old man quickly adapted

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On January 30, according to Hong Kong media reports, the former TVB actor Yang Yingwei accepted an interview, revealed that his family emigrated abroad, and praised the local living index is low.Yang yingwei, 58, joined TVB in the 1990s. Over the years, he has acted in many classic films and TV dramas, successfully creating roles one after another, and his natural and unaffected acting is unforgettable.He officially left TVB in 2013, but did not leave the entertainment industry, and he continues to do plays and stage plays for other networks from time to time.However, the splash was not so big that many people thought he had retired.Mr Yang said he had the idea of emigrating four years ago and had done a lot of preparation, visiting the area twice to inspect the environment and spending a year learning German.Before he left, he sold several houses and kept some of them to collect rent for his family’s living expenses.The family has now moved to live in a 150-year-old rented apartment.Although the house has a long history, it is in such good condition that it doesn’t look more than a hundred years old.The floors of the house are very high, and the area is very large, fully 120 square meters, 18.5 square meters in each room, and there is a basement for wine and sundry storage.Yang yingwei admitted that every day at home, while drinking wine, while listening to the stove burning wood sound, really comfortable.Judging from the photos Yang shared, the interior decoration is really not old and looks clean and tidy, which is really suitable for the life of a family. No wonder he is so satisfied with the old house.Yang yingwei also mentioned the local prices. People usually buy an annual ticket, which costs more than 3,000 yuan a year, or about 9 yuan a day. They can choose subway, bus, train and other transportation means.Food is not expensive either. For example, you can buy 6 loaves of bread for 4.50 yuan.The ingredients for the dinner, which he has already prepared, are 30 yuan for a chicken, which he will use for soup, and 70 yuan for 0.77 kilograms of beef tenderloin and half a kilogram of beef bones.Have a 92-year-old father and a 16-year-old son adapted to local life?He said his father adapted quickly, and his son was never so happy reading books, not just reciting.The people were friendly and there was no ostracism.Although the native language here is German, most people can speak English, and it is not difficult for him to communicate with everyone.In the past six months, many celebrity families have emigrated, such as Xia Jianlong of the band Soler, who has settled abroad for a period of time with his wife and two sons.He thinks his personality is quiet and does not like lively, so he is very adapted to the present life.And singer Zhang Chongji, whose son quickly found a new school after moving abroad, found a job as a host at a radio station and will not fly back frequently in the future.To be honest, it’s up to individuals to choose where they want to live. As bystanders, I hope they don’t regret it.