Message to friends in circle 60

2022-06-04 0 By

Many of us are in the circle of 60 friends.Sixty years, in Chinese culture, counts as a jia Zi, which means that our life journey has arrived at a new post.In these 60 years, ups and downs, bumpy bumpy, leaving every footprint are filled with hard sweat, even sad.However, by these sweat watering out, is mostly the joy of harvest and the joy of success, of course, there are many can not forget the emotion.In the New Year, you might as well look back at the path you have taken, think about it, is the outline of the footprints like a shiny color ring?From a colorful ring in the long, or flowers, or weeds, or thorns, or tall trees.They are difficult to give up each other, all connected, connecting past and future, echoes, formed a zigzagging or ups and downs of the long colorful chain.It extends all the way to your heel right now.This is our life now!At the age of 60, clouds of smoke wreathed in front of my eyes.Take the second flower path more pleasant, do not teach miscellaneous troubles.This age, the light entanglements, put down the trivial, the relief of love and hatred, also indifferent to fame and fortune.Life goes on, move on, there are so many beautiful new sights ahead.