Xu was joined by lawyer Pan Ke and Li Sheng in Kaifeng, which triggered a lot of netizens’ attention and heated discussion

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The couple, together with Pan ke and Lawyer Li Sheng, went to the kaifeng court and submitted some materials to the court, which attracted the attention and heated discussion online.Xu Min, Yao Shibing and Lawyer Pan Ke arrived in Kaifeng, Henan province from Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, and lawyer Li Sheng also arrived in Kaifeng from Beijing to join xu Min and them.The purpose of their action is to submit some materials to the court in preparation for the third hearing of the February 8 incident.Before arriving in Kaifeng, Lawyer Pan Ke first went to Jiujiang, Jiangxi province to talk with Xu Min and Yao Shibing couple.Just after the Lantern Festival, Lawyer Pan Ke began to deal with the February 28 incident. After the second court hearing on September 28 last year, now five months have passed, the February 28 incident has been delayed, so that Xu Min and the majority of netizens are anxious.Even Du xinzhi wrote earlier this year that she hoped the court could announce the result of the second trial as soon as possible and return her innocence.At the beginning of the New Year, Lawyer Pan Ke went to Jiujiang to discuss with Xu Min and his wife. When old friends met, they were very cordial to each other.Some netizens speculated that the meeting should be about the issue of the February 8 incident, which was the key breakthrough, if the case can be re-registered, then there is hope for victory.Now, xu Min and Pan Ke lawyers to do, is to the court needs to supplement the new evidence and materials, in order to have the opportunity to fight for a new case, to obtain the opportunity to transfer to prison.Xu Min brother in Kaifeng to meet Li Sheng lawyer Xu Min and Pan Ke lawyer in Jiujiang after the meeting, he informed Li Sheng lawyer, they divided the two roads, agreed to meet in Kaifeng.On February 18, Lawyer Li Sheng arrived in Kaifeng from Beijing, and brother Xu Min went to meet him.After the Spring Festival, the next time I saw Xu Min’s brother, he was silver-haired and visibly older than last year.Before li Li and her daughter suffered misfortune, the blow to his old people is very big, especially after the loss of his daughter, Xu Min brother felt very guilty and remorse.At the moment of seeing Lawyer Li Sheng, Brother Xu Min went forward and expressed cordial sympathy to lawyer Li Sheng, and then they also held hands as if they were brothers.It can be seen that through 28 events, two people in this year more than time, has established a deep friendship, such as brotherly feelings.Xu Min couple and lawyer Pan ke and Li Sheng together to submit materials to the court Xu Min brother received Li Sheng lawyer, Xu Min couple and Pan Ke lawyer then also arrived in Kaifeng, they met and immediately went to kaifeng court together.The couple, accompanied by their two lawyers, filed some documents with the court, while Xu Min’s brother waited outside the courthouse.Outside the court, there are many xu Min supporters and Xu Min brother came to wait outside, have cheer for Xu Min.When Xu Min and yao Shibing came out of the court, Internet users shouted “Xu Ma come on”, Xu Min and Yao Shibing they clenched their fists to thank everyone.Due to the weather and safety concerns, Xu Min and their out without stopping left in a hurry.From the first trial to the second trial, there are many netizens outside the court for Xu Min they cheer, until the end of the trial, until now there are still so many enthusiastic netizens support Xu Min they.Faced with these supporters, Xu Min and her brother felt particularly moved.The New Year has begun again, spring has come, I believe the second trial of the February 8th incident will soon have a result, I hope there will be a good result this time.I also hope that everything can go smoothly in the New Year, Xu Min and her family can go in peace, find out the truth of the incident as soon as possible, give the parties an account, give everyone a statement, let everyone return to a peaceful life as soon as possible.As for Xu Min, Lawyer Pan Ke and Lawyer Li Sheng will gather in Kaifeng to submit materials to the court. Do you think xu Min and them are preparing for the third trial?So, what do you think will happen in the second trial?Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.The rest of my life you have been perfect, more content please pay attention to the original author