From 199,800 yuan, GaC Mitsubishi brand new pure electric SUV Atuke ushered in the market

2022-06-03 0 By

On March 23, GAC Mitsubishi’s first pure electric SUV AIRTREK was officially launched, and then on March 26, it launched “AIRTREK Beijing Launch” at the Beijing Super Show.The new car launched pioneer version and core version of two models, after subsidies, the official guide price of pioneer version is 199,800 yuan, core version 229,800 yuan, and launched at the same time to enrich car owners’ rights and interests.Atuke is the first new energy cooperation model between GAC Group and Mitsubishi Motors. As a model of the Mitsubishi family, “Hard Style” is the first impression left by this car.At present, there are many pure electric SUVs on the market, and the design style tends to be more scientific and fashionable. However, The design style of Atuke is different, which adopts the hard style rarely seen in pure electric vehicles and inherits the family design concept of Mitsubishi brand.The Dynamic Shield family front grille and split LED headlights on the front face reveal the hard style in simplicity, with the overall tough shape, short front suspension, strong double waist line on the side, hidden door handle with distinct diamond angles after ejecting, suspension roof extending to the rear of the car…The overall look is tough with a hint of fashion.For the interior, Atuke adopts mitsubishi’s new generation of horizontal embrace interior, covered with large areas of soft materials.Wheelbase 2830mm, spacious and comfortable rear seat space.At the same time, the whole car has 25 storage space, the trunk volume of 368L, the maximum can be expanded to a maximum of 1102L, can meet consumer storage, shopping, outing and other needs.In terms of intelligence, Atuko is built based on gaC’s latest GEP2.0+ pure electric exclusive platform, integrating gaC’s new energy technology and Mitsubishi’s design concept. Equipped with AR real navigation function, the 12.3-inch high-definition dashboard can display real street scenes in real time and superposition virtual route instructions.The new car also carries a full-scene intelligent voice interaction system, a new generation of Iflytek XTTS voice, which supports sound source positioning and depth control of the car.In addition, Altuk is equipped with practical intelligent technology configurations such as APP vehicle intelligent interconnection, immersive in-car atmosphere light, mobile phone wireless charging, nap mode/rainstorm mode, air-clean fresh AIR and oxygen purification system, which can improve users’ driving experience in all aspects.In terms of driving, Altuk is built based on the exclusive aluminum alloy pure electric platform, with a front and rear weight ratio of 50:50. The motor has a maximum power of 165kW and a maximum torque of 350N·m.Equipped with 69.9kWh teri lithium battery pack, the CLTC operating range reaches 520 km, and the battery can be charged from 30% to 80% in 43 minutes.It is worth mentioning that the ternary lithium battery pack has passed nearly 100 tests, the number of testing items is nearly 4 times of the national standard. With the high-precision BMS battery management system, the remaining power estimation accuracy can be greatly improved, and the problem of battery life anxiety can be improved.In terms of driving assistance, Altuko is equipped with L2 level automatic driving assistance system. The whole car is equipped with 9 high-performance radars and cameras, which can support 7 driving assistance functions such as ACC adaptive cruise, which can reduce the driver’s driving burden and improve vehicle safety.As gaC Mitsubishi’s first new energy model, Atuke in its own core at the same time, brings a wealth of car owners’ rights and interests.The first owner of Atuke can enjoy the dual rights of lifetime warranty and lifetime free Internet traffic.If financial plan is adopted to purchase a car, you can enjoy the hedging and repurchase rights of 30% discount for 2 years;At the same time, there are 5 years or 150,000 kilometers of vehicle quality guarantee, replacement subsidies and 20,000 yuan exclusive tourism fund.Rich owners of car rights and interests show the sincerity of Guangqi Mitsubishi.Consumers can go to the official mall of GAC and Mitsubishi, M-Space mini program and APP.As the first new energy cooperation model between GAC Group and Mitsubishi Motors, Atuke was launched on the 10th anniversary of GAC Mitsubishi, bearing the double expectations of enterprises and users.It remains to be seen how the market for new cars will perform.