Donggou Village, Zhangtan Town, Hanbin District: Put your heart back in your place

2022-06-03 0 By

Sunshine news (reporter Li Xiaohua correspondent Gong Jiaqing) return to the busy deployment, to the village mobilization drum drive.On February 8, han waterfront ZhangTan Town Wang Gongjian, party secretary of National People’s Congress chairman Huang Jiashan, deputy secretary of the Zhang Tingrong DongGou Village for accepting heart after will and sympathy, to mobilize the country revitalization task force team quickly accepting heart “place”, one hundred times with confidence, dynamic state of mind to work, strive for the year of the tiger in the whole town went ahead, all work as a demonstration.”Happy New Year!As soon as Wang gongjian and his delegation entered the conference room of Donggou Village, they sent New Year’s greetings to the staff members and village cadres stationed in the village.”Rural vitalization is a grand and systematic project. Where should we start?In my view, rural vitalization requires planning first and planning later.One of donggou Village’s priorities this year is to get support from helping units and invite professionals to make plans.”After communicating with the members and cadres stationed in the village, Wang gongjian and his delegation understood the new plans and requirements of Donggou Village in the New Year, and put forward many effective new methods and measures for the work of the village.Savor the past with regret and look forward to the New Year with confidence.”In our work in the New Year, we must first set rules, refine the division of labor, and strictly check attendance.” “Everyone should do something tangible every day, and continue to sincerely solve urgent problems and worries for the people. We should speak with our mouth, see with our eyes, listen with our ears, do with our hands, and run with our feet.”The meeting was well prepared, serious and lively, orderly and enthusiastic.Meetings happen all the time. This is special.At noon on February 8, Yin Zhengfeng, director of Shaanxi Changrun Law Firm, led lawyers Rao Nanyue, Yu Guicai, Chen Li and Jin Xin to donggou Village to hold the 2022 Joint meeting of one village one legal counsel, and had in-depth exchanges on the implementation of the legal counsel system and legal publicity this year.Foresight is the key to success.On the first day after work, DongGou Village residency task force members and cadres, will to go back to work on time, after the “good” in the New Year’s greetings to each other, communicate the feelings of the New Year’s day, and each night at the office environment and health to the village committee, cleaning around “how regular work completed on time, highlight how work held high” this theme has carried on the deep thinking to the work plan of the New Year.Spring as the first year, all behavior first.Donggou Village’s “New Year’s First meeting”, sounded the year of the Tiger’s work trumpets!Editor: Xi Qin