Yu Minhong’s five-thousandword long article: The core force of 120,000 people reduced to more than 50,000 people, relying on talent, economy and platform to achieve new glory

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Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, posted on his wechat account Lao Yu Gossip on the afternoon of February 1, saying, “The road is long and the road is coming!””, about 5,000 words from her speech at the new Oriental Education and Technology Group’s 2022 Spring Festival party.The article said that 2021 was the most difficult year for New Oriental, but it has withstood the test.New Oriental has a good economic foundation, talent foundation and platform foundation. In 2022, it will start again and stride towards new glory.Back more than 1000 teaching points, donated 150,000 sets of desks and chairs article said, whether from the social response to the attention of relevant departments, New Oriental has a very good account.The money that should be refunded to parents and students is refunded;Employees are given “N+1” when they leave;New Oriental has withdrawn more than 1000 teaching points, many of which have just been renovated and have not been used, the retreat has also been withdrawn, and there are better consultations with partners, most of which are peaceful solutions;Surplus desks, chairs and teaching equipment have been donated to primary and middle schools in rural areas and mountainous areas, and about 150,000 sets have been donated so far.Every department in self-help and innovation article said, although it is a large company, but new Oriental has a weakness, the weakness is systematic, standardized management ability is not enough.But this weakness has become a strength in this change.Every department and school in the New East is helping itself and innovating.A number of New Oriental schools and departments have developed new products and new business models and are trying to learn from each other.In the whole process, new Oriental’s spirit of cooperation and unity in the face of difficulties, the spirit of sparing no care about personal gains and losses, has also been well reflected in New Oriental.K9 training business has been fully stopped, is step by step to develop new business article said, as of today, New Oriental ground K9 training business and online K9 training business, has been fully stopped.For example, The quality education system of New Oriental is being built, and there are many good products and research and development in the quality education system of New Oriental. The schools of New Oriental have cooperated with the group center to promote and develop the study tour, research and camp education that they have done in the past.Meanwhile, for K9 families, all departments of New Oriental are also making all-out efforts to meet the needs of learning materials and learning systems for children’s self-study. On the premise of meeting the national policy, New Oriental is developing new businesses step by step.New Oriental’s original business has a good foundation, such as university business, overseas business, books, overseas consulting, etc., is still in relatively smooth and stable development.To sum up, New Oriental has dealt with the problems left by the past, but left a very good foundation for development.Under the circumstance of crazy capital investment in the field of education in the past, New Oriental was not completely tempted and impacted by capital and retained certain economic strength.Today, economic strength can be used to lay a good foundation for the future development of New Oriental.So 2021 will be a tough year for New Oriental, but for 2022, New Oriental may have a very good start.Solve the “crisis”, machine in where the article said, “crisis” the two words can be said to be “crisis” and “machine” combination, “crisis” is new Oriental encountered difficulties, New Oriental more or less has spent a large part of the;”Machine” is the opportunity that New Oriental will encounter in the future.New Oriental actually has a very good foundation, has the economic foundation, more importantly, we have the talent foundation.Talent is the foundation for the further growth of New Oriental.There are economic foundation, talent foundation and platform foundation.Teaching culture that now owns two listed companies with market closely docking platform has not much, new Oriental has two platforms of listed companies, this also means that we as the world’s resources and the basis of better docking with China resources, this is for new Oriental an opportunity to redefine the development of new Oriental.In the past, New Oriental’s “RESEARCH and development Center” provided services for the curriculum and teachers of each school. Now New Oriental has to independently develop independent products that are popular with all Chinese children and parents. This is a very good change.Take a look at the “New Oriental online”, the original is a constantly join a variety of courses, primary and secondary school online discipline training, to grab business with the ground, but also with other institutions to fight the state, can be said to be a mutual loss, rather than complementary state.Under the present premise, New Oriental begins to become a complementary state.You see new Oriental online to do agricultural products, this is just one of the entrance.In the future, New Oriental will make more products related to education, including books, electronic devices, software and hardware.Through such a platform to cooperate with all relevant partners in the country, new Oriental can form a better upstream and downstream relationship.EDU of New Oriental does a variety of research and development, including content, platform, question bank and so on, exports will continue to go to the country through the sales platform of New Oriental, even to the world.New Oriental can also link with valuable educational institutions nationwide and educational product institutions around the world, creating good opportunities for the development of New Oriental.New Oriental and the basis of the study and research and development, the future will become a virtual reality development system of new Oriental school, system software and hardware of the new Oriental products, plus new Oriental online operating system on the ground, indoor and outdoor scene of new Oriental school system, domestic and foreign new Oriental products and teaching of China and the world as well as the content layout of the scene.These Spaces, in fact, give new Oriental a lot of imagination.At present, more than 50,000 people retain the core strength of the article said that the power of people is one of the most important power for New Oriental.Today, there are more than 50,000 employees, teachers and managers attending the Annual meeting of New Oriental on the whole platform, which is the real core force retained by New Oriental from nearly 120,000 employees to today.These remaining core forces are the energy, fire, potential and future of New Oriental.The article said that 2022 is still an unusual year, the epidemic is not over, policies will still change, the international situation is often unpredictable, people are still living in uncertainty.But New Oriental believes 2022 will be better than 2021 as long as it keeps working hard.The eight-character policy of New Oriental is “cultivate yourself and benefit others”.On the one hand, New Oriental should constantly cultivate themselves, so that they can become more innovative, improve their own realm, improve their own pattern;On the other hand, we should always bear in mind that no matter what we do, New Oriental is doing it on the premise of benefiting society and others. We should never do selfish things, never live for ourselves and don’t let others live, and never do anything harmful to society or people.It will not be easy to go down this road. It requires everyone to be brave enough to make progress and keep innovating.Road resistance and long, line will come;Line and stop, the future can be!Review: Tan Lugang