Lin Shengbin cooked himself on New Year’s Eve and handed out lucky money to three children

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Recently, the news of Liu Xuezhou from Xingtai, Hebei province, who committed suicide not long after he adopted his family name, has been overwhelming the Internet, arousing thousands of waves and getting the attention and hot discussion of countless netizens, all of whom feel sympathy and regret for the 15-year-old’s suffering.It was the Spring Festival in a few days. He had planned to go back to his hometown to spend the Spring Festival with his grandmother, but he left in a hurry, which was unexpected.However, will Lin Shengbin’s case be covered up by other emergencies and forgotten?Although the heat has decreased, the event has not been forgotten in people’s minds.We saw on Lin Shengbin’s social media platform that he had a happy New Year’s Eve last year. He cooked a big dinner and sent two words of blessing to his friends.I have to say that Lin shengbin’s videos and pictures posted on the platform are creative and good, and he can always show them in different periods of time.Videos, pictures and lyrical poems are always sent on important festivals.Sometimes he recorded the dribs and drabs of life, sometimes he expressed his deep thoughts for his late wife and children, which made millions of netizens remember him constantly.The platform is giving him a chance to show off his talents. The billionaire prepares beautiful dishes at home that are envied.After the New Year’s eve dinner to welcome the Year of the Ox, Lin Shengbin gave New Year’s money to the three children at home respectively, one of the girls is his sister’s daughter, there is a small money fan in counting money, do you feel very familiar ah?The boy often appears in Lin shengbin’s photos and videos. In the past, netizens identified the boy as Shuo Shuo, the eldest son of Lin and Xiao Le.Can little models take them home for the New Year?Not their own relatives, who will give him lucky money?He once built a small wooden house for his pet dog, Xibao.It gives the illusion that Lin shengbin is more patient with his dogs than he is with his wife and children.He used to gather tea leaves from the tea farm in his hometown.He once walked out on the heavy fields of golden autumn rice, holding a large bundle of rice in his hands, and ran back happily, giving people a feeling that a senior official Lin was working hard on farm work.So, Mr. Lin is a versatile businessman who can do everything. I don’t know if it is the credit of the shooting team or his solid skills.All in all, he can put on one show after another until June 30, 2021.However, strange, this year’s New Year’s Eve Lin Shengbin how not out of the pictures, drying video?Lin Shengbin, where are you now?Can you post a message and write more on social media?Since January 23, the platform automatically updated a birthday dynamic of Lin Shengbin, in fact, he has not sent any messages.This birthday post is a special privilege as a twitter member, and there are always a few people who think it was posted by him.Conclusion Where is Lin Shengbin spending the Spring Festival this year?How are you? Are you happy? Why don’t you come out to pay New Year’s greetings?The Internet is eagerly waiting for your good news.I am wood wood, in the vast sea of people, and you meet, fate is you;Lonely life, Han and you meet, it is you;Thank you for leaving small footprints.