Fracture, scald, foreign body asphyxia, holiday emergencies, teach you 3 steps to do a good job of security logistics

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Now many children have not yet started school, when playing at home, let a person feel very headache.At ordinary times someone in the school discipline, at home elders coax, pain, inevitably some arrogance.But that’s not the biggest headache for parents. The biggest concern is some safety incidents during the holiday season.During the Spring Festival, some children set off firecrackers at home and might injure themselves if they are not careful.There are also some places of rain and snow weather, children can not master the balance, walk wrestling, twisted foot fracture have.When eating at home, there may be a foreign body stuck in the throat, choking.If you are faced with such an emergency, do you know how to deal with it?When children play in the door, accidentally twisted to may appear sprain, dislocation, or even fracture.In such cases, some parents will rush to the hospital with their children.Hold on!It’s not too late to do those two things first.First parents can not panic, first see whether the child really fracture.Ask if the pain is intense, if there are limitations to body movement, and if there are any malformations at the site of the injury.If it is just a sprain, rest for a while and go to the hospital later.If there has been a fracture, do not hold the child, or move the child, it is best to choose wood, books and other simple fixation, do not knead, drag, cause secondary damage, and then sent to the hospital in time.Accidentally scalding hot water and by the food scalding, rice porridge scalding is not the same treatment.Being burned by porridge is more serious, because the texture is thicker, more difficult to clean up, easy to cause more serious burns.When dealing with scalds, it is not enough to flush with water. In the first time of scalding, things should be removed and cleaned with running water, but it should not be lower than 5℃. For example, running water in winter is not suitable for use, and the temperature is too low, but easy to frostbite.Continuous rinsing for about 10 minutes, if there is a blister, you can use a sterile syringe to suction out tissue fluid, better can also be treated in the hospital.If there is a clothing package when scalding, it is recommended to cut it with scissors, or take off clothes in time. Do not pull it, which will cause damage to the injured part and damage the skin.If you wear silk stockings, take them off.In the case of high temperature, skin damage is more likely to occur.When children eat, they may be distracted, not chewing enough, and they may get stuck.The best solution is the Heimlich method.Through the scientific force to produce a kind of impact force, the trachea, the throat of foreign bodies discharged, can play a role in a short time of emergency.For the baby less than 3 years old, should let the baby back to their own, and tiger mouth to hold the jaw, the baby’s body slightly downward tilt, with the palm of the palm to beat the middle part of the back shoulder blade, rapid and continuous percussion, often can discharge foreign bodies.And more than 3 years old children’s body development is relatively complete, you can choose the child back to adults, one hand hold the child’s abdomen, the other hand clenched fist toward the ribs and navel in the middle of the position of pressure, continuous force, often can spit out foreign bodies faster.People who are stuck and suffocating should keep their head slightly lowered and their mouth open to help expel the foreign body.Naughty children are the most worrisome at family gatherings.In order to ensure the safety of children, parents should also learn these 3 tricks, do a good job of security logistics.In case of an emergency, it can also avoid chaos and timely response.2. Suspected fracture after fall?Should do emergency treatment according to fracture and sent to the hospital, lovely baby is stuck how to do?Teach you the Heimlich first Aid, you can save your life in an emergency