Daily inspection and maintenance of tires and brakes

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First, the appearance and paint inspection. The appearance here includes the body surface and all the parts you can see.Speaking of my favorite on my H30’s beautiful appearance, coupled with his special heart at that time to choose the big red, go where that call a person eye ah!Due to the occasional high-speed driving, it will inevitably hit the road bounce small stones, causing damage to the car paint.And once the car scratched, who will inevitably love dearly.At this time the method of inspection is to wash the car thoroughly, and then around the vehicle around two laps, carefully observe the paint without scratches and other parts without damage.Second, the engine oil inspection is generally speaking, the loss of oil after long-distance driving is a common phenomenon. If you forget the previous oil label, do not blindly add new oil at this time, because the mixed use of different oil labels may cause adverse consequences.Experts said that the correct approach is to make clear the original oil label and then choose the same label to add.If you’re running out of maintenance, simply drain the oil and add a new one.Third, tire inspection after a long drive, some car wheels will appear obvious scars, excessive wear or “trauma”, according to the specific situation, you can choose to change the spare tire and go to the 4S shop for further inspection as soon as possible.In addition, after a long time of turbulence, the location of the tire may fail. At this time, the most significant feature is that the vehicle will run off track and jump. If such a situation occurs, it is also necessary to go to the 4S shop for inspection.Fourth, the brake system check on the Internet often listen to users reflect that the car after a period of time, brake disc will appear obvious grooves.My own car is fine. I haven’t had this problem yet.Speaking of this reason may be the vehicle driving on the gravel road, some small sand stuck between the brake disc and fender, constantly rubbing the surface of the brake disc, so the groove.When this happens, the vehicle may make a “clanking, clanking” sound as it moves, and in some cases, a scream may be heard.In view of this situation, we can visually test the surface of the brake disc through the tire aluminum alloy steel rim. If the surface of the brake disc is smooth, it shows that it is normal.Fifth, internal parts inspection after a long journey in the engine compartment of a component needs to focus on inspection, it is the “air filter.”If you are driving on a road with more dust than the city, then the air filter may absorb too much dust during this time, and if dust gets into the engine will cause wear and tear on various parts of the engine;If the air filter is blocked, the engine intake will be blocked and the power will drop.So take off the air filter, check it is very necessary.