Can eating garlic affect liver function?Doctor: If you want to nourish the liver, try not to touch these two foods

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The liver is a very important digestive organs, secrete toxins and digestion and absorption to human body, plays a key role, the main function of the liver is an important part of the maintenance mechanism of the human body and cells, and liver because some irregular diet, and poor sleep habits, says the issues that led to the chaos will happen to the liver, it is the pain of the nervous system is very few,So often people’s liver damage, in the early stage is not aware of, through research shows that garlic can enhance the immunity of the liver, play a key role in liver protection eating garlic will affect the liver function?Doctor: want to raise liver, these 3 kinds of food suggest do not touch eat garlic can affect liver function?Garlic contains rich vitamins and fat-soluble antioxidants, and garlic allicin is effective to the body of the stomach cells and blood vessels have the effect of a stimulus, garlic in fat-soluble antioxidants and catalpa yuan, tan yuan mr.zhou is able to effectively prevent hardening of the arteries, to repair the liver cells and gastric mucosa play a key role,At the same time also can enhance the vitality of hepatic metabolism ability and operation, to a certain extent, can reduce the liver to the human body caused by irresponsible accumulation, so as to achieve effective drainage effect, from the perspective of medical allicin in garlic and vitamin can effectively prevent and fatty liver, liver fibrosis for some something exuberant crowd, eating garlic is the ability to have the effect of improvement,But we have to it is important to note that not to eat too much garlic, this can lead to problems such as liver and blood loss something bad function, to avoid the three food intake 1, leek leek contains abundant vitamin and crude fiber, how to help the body absorb toxins and waste, for some people with cardiovascular disease or heart disease,Right amount eat leek can reduce some bad cells in the body of the cholesterol in the blood also have very good absorption effect for suffered some exuberant crowd, to reduce the intake of leek, because the leek of nutritional value is very rich, eat many causes the stomach to the intestines and stomach bad, serious to the liver,Triggering a series of disease, moldy 2 vegetable contains abundant nutritional value and the fat soluble dietary fiber, language is often eat can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help the kidneys to rule out a large amount of toxins, and for vegetables, we want to it is worth noting that the storage temperature and environment is very important, if do not pay attention to a little will lead to these high nutritional value of vegetables,Appear to rot, mildew germination, and vegetables if toxins accumulated a lot of this material can form aflatoxin cancer known as top carcinogens, often eat words will seriously affect the metabolism of liver, cause disorder to the body, causing a series of liver disease 3, overnight vegetables of liver disease or something exuberant crowd,Must make good use of nutritional value of vegetables, according to oneself circumstance to the intake of nutrition, in our daily life, because some can eat food can lead to problems of overnight, use overnight vegetable surface was no exception, but the study shows that this vegetable contains large amounts of nitrite and waterproof mildew toxin,Patients who are the two substances are can cause cancer, so we must reduce the overnight in their daily lives the intake of vegetables, eat more is to the body will have great influence on the liver lesions, tend to have the following these three conditions 1, often go to the toilet in the number of normal human one day go to the toilet not higher than 3 ~ 4 times, if often go to the toilet,It would be possible and abnormal liver has a lot to do, because each person’s eating habits are not the same, for a long time to eat some Fried and salty food can cause great influence on the liver, can appear even liver cirrhosis, and liver itself is a secretion of bile and the ability to dilute the blood, liver cells after the change, surface secretion of bile and oxygen levels will reduce gradually,2. Lethargy For people with liver disease, lethargy is often the main clinical reaction, because the liver is the largest metabolic organ of the human body, which has the function of detoxifying and transporting blood. The liver will secrete lipase and dilute aerobic blood.Which will make us produce drowsiness 3, yellow eyes the liver is the main detoxifying organs inside human body, once the liver surgery will lead to a large number of toxin accumulation, waste toxins in the body after the body for a long time, will be upstream, precipitation in the posterior will eventually produce a single, etc., once you have these problems will be promptly to the hospital inspection, early treatment and solve,Conclusion: the body dirty dirty will always appear some problems, this time it is necessary to timely protect the liver, through good diet and work habits, to improve the problem of liver abnormalities