2025 With the total output of creative design industry exceeding 2 trillion yuan, Shanghai has set a goal of “Design City”

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As an important driving force for economic transformation and upgrading, the creative and design industry has become a pillar industry in Shanghai.On February 17, a conference was held to promote Shanghai’s construction into a world-class “Design City”, and several opinions were released on Shanghai’s construction into a world-class “Design City”.The guideline suggested that by 2025, the city should be basically built into a “design city” with a thriving design industry, outstanding brands, active ecology and strong atmosphere.By 2030, China will fully build itself into a world-class design city.Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, said Shanghai’s future development goal is to maintain annual double-digit growth in the total output of creative and design industries to exceed 2 trillion yuan by 2025.Construction of state-level design demonstration area, support of state-level design research institute, the cultivation of 20 state-level industrial design centers.Since joining the United Nations “Creative Cities Network” in 2010, the total output of Shanghai’s creative and design industry will exceed 1.2 trillion yuan in 2021, with a growth rate of nearly 20%.But with the advent of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the industrial structure adjustment and update the iterative development bottleneck problems, such as manufacturing short board, it is necessary to strengthen the ability of design in the field of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, emerging industries expand, old and new kinetic energy conversion process is further development of the industry of creative design can assign role.According to the guideline, Shanghai will use design to drive industrial innovation and development.It will strengthen the design of integrated circuits such as high-end processors, memory and image processors, focus on the design of products and technologies such as biomedicine and medical devices, and break through the design of artificial intelligence core algorithms such as super-large-scale universal models and computing frameworks.Lead key industries, promote health, automobile, electronic information, life, high-end equipment, new materials industry promote comprehensive design ability, focus on new energy and smart snatched automotive, aerospace, Marine Marine engineering, energy conservation, environmental protection, software and information service, intelligent terminal, etc., to strengthen the key core design innovation and systems integration ability.The 2020~2021 “Shanghai Design 100+” announced in May last year, for example, covers aerospace, transportation, intelligent robots, Marine equipment, intelligent home appliances and other fields.For example, Shanghai United Image Medical’s “world’s first 75cm ultra-large aperture 3.0T MAGNETIC resonance uMR Omega” has the largest aperture in the 75cm industry, which expands the space by 25% compared to traditional equipment.Yao Chunjiang, design director of Shanghai United Image Medical Technology Co., LTD., said at that time that he hoped to turn medical equipment into an emotional and personified interlocutor and interlocutor through design, and convey care, trust and respect through design.Shao Jingfeng, deputy chief designer and global design director of SAIC Technology Center, said that Shanghai is an international design capital and leading in industrial design in China. “I hope Shanghai can reach the status of the four international industrial design awards in the future.”Today, the conference also launched the New Year’s “Shanghai Design 100+”.Saic group, Lianying Medical, Minimally invasive Medical, Pentium Electrical, Tecan Information and other 5 newly awarded “national Industrial Design Center” units., past of hits, personal interviews, Mr. Jiang | Mr Ma | Chen zhiwu | | GuanQing friend Li Xunlei | blackstone chairman Stephen schwarzman | lava-rock capital founding 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