Thoughts on the first day of the New Year: the brothers began to be polite, can only say that each other irreversibly old

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It’s really easy for people without parents (both parents are dead) and children to celebrate the New Year.Today, on The first day of the Chinese New Year, I woke up naturally and sat down on the bed to cover the quilt and play with my mobile phone.For a while, he got out of bed to go to the toilet to go to the bathroom, then washed his face, went to the kitchen to drink a cup of warm water, and then went back to the room to climb to bed to cover the bed and play mobile phone.If you’re hungry, grab a cake or chocolate on your nightstand and enjoy breakfast in bed.By 10 o ‘clock, my roommate in the next room was still sleeping in, so I had to get out of bed, because I had to run 5km in the morning to exercise, change into sports clothes and running shoes, and do warm-up exercises before running.When I was running in the lake, there was a constant message on my cell phone. I thought it should be the message of New Year wishes and red envelopes. I took care of jogging and ignored it.For little old men with no attachments and no expectations, the New Year’s routines are already routine. After the run, we can respond to them one by one.It took me 32 minutes and 10 seconds to finish the 5k.When I returned home and looked at my phone, someone sent me a message to wish me a Happy New Year. Many relatives in my family’s wechat group distributed lucky red envelopes.Some red envelopes I grabbed, some because of late, early was robbed.I posted screenshots of my mileage to my family group and texted, “Run for the New Year.”The younger generation immediately praised it.I lost money because I was caught in the stock market and didn’t plan to send wechat red envelopes to my family.But I grabbed N red envelopes, wechat change accumulated a sum of change, feel not to spend out.In particular, my brothers and sisters are full of children and grandchildren, but I have no children. In previous years, I have given out red envelopes for the Spring Festival. If I do not give them this year, what will my relatives think?Do you think I’m lonely and miserable?In order not to be considered weak by my relatives, I decided to give out red envelopes in the family group.There were dozens of people in the group, and I initially thought 10 yuan per person, but then I decided to cut it down to 8 yuan per person.Dear people send red envelopes have a limit, I see a share, who rob more rob less, all by luck.The results of the highest grab nearly 20 yuan, the lowest just a few cents.I was so happy to see the relatives grabbing red envelopes and thanking them one by one.In particular, I smiled when ersister-in-law, who was nearly 70, sent a message saying “Thank you, brother”.At present, I am the weakest of the four brothers. I gave a small red envelope to show that the tiger is still in power.The old sister-in-law’s “brother” is the approval of my brother.At noon, I made a bowl of porridge with boiling water, steamed some pumpkin and basket, meatballs and a buckwheat dumplings in an electric steamer. This was my lunch on the first day of the Chinese New Year, light and simple.My roommate cooked a bowl of green vegetable noodles for lunch, and the meat dish was braised pork from yesterday.Some people may think our Spring Festival is too lonely, even shabby, but I am very comfortable.Nap is sleep to wake up naturally, wake up after the discovery pulled up the awning.In the past, after running 5k, there was no such reaction in the short time.Today, I did not feel tired after running 5km, but I was full of vitality. It seems that spring has arrived.Want to hit the roommate’s idea, and worried about the afternoon guests to collision good, embarrassed, had to wait for dark.Half a month ago, my brother in Hankou called me and invited me and my roommate to have a New Year’s Eve dinner with his family. I declined.What’s the underlying reason for not wanting to dine with your siblings?I have no idea.All I knew was to eat and drink with their family. I was unhappy and very boring.When my parents were alive, my brothers called me to eat, and I called Bing.Now that my parents are gone and I’m getting old, I’m not really interested in eating and drinking, so I don’t want to go to my brother’s house to join in the fun.On the first day of the New Year, I was slightly worried that my brothers in Hankou would bring their children to pay New Year’s greetings to me, a lonely old man.Just at this time, my brother sent me a New Year’s call on wechat, in the face of his courtesy, I do not know how to reply?I searched long and hard before I wrote in seven words: I wish you all the best.Feeling too stylized, I deliberated for a long time and finally added two words after “everything” before “satisfied” : satisfactory.Click send, I breathe a sigh of relief, it seems that the Spring Festival is over.Brother and minor children, when my nephew grew up and got married, I will definitely celebrate, send a small gift, drink a cup of wedding wine, usually live their own small life.Many people may think that I am cool and thin, but the blood flowing through my body is always hot. My strength will only be used where it should be used.Fraternal brothers began to be civil, and could only say that each other grew irreversibly old.I wish us a long life, sharing the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even miles apart!Now it’s quiet, and the need for roommates is gone.