The Chinese women’s football team returned triumphantly, counting down the five best performers of the Asian Cup, still in tears

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The Chinese women’s football team brought the biggest surprise to the nation on the evening of February 6, the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday.From 2-0 down to 3 goals in the second half, we won the Asian Cup for the first time in 16 years.At around 1:30 PM on February 7, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s football team took a chartered plane from Mumbai, India to Shanghai, China. After a five-and-a-half hour flight, they arrived safely at around 7 PM on February 7 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.The staff at the airport had already prepared flowers to welcome the Triumphant return of the Chinese women’s football team.China’s women’s football team won the Asian Cup with a clean sweep. Here are the top five players of the Asian Women’s football team.Xiao yuyi, 26, was selected for her first national team at the age of 21 and played for China at the last Women’s Asia Cup, the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and the Tokyo Olympics.On the night of Feb. 6, after the Final of the Asian Cup, it was safe to say that the entire Chinese nation remembered xiao Yuyi’s name.With five minutes of added time, Xiao Yuyi scored a stunning goal in the third minute of added time to complete an epic turnaround for The Chinese women’s soccer team. It was a stunning goal that xiao Yuyi will never forget.Zhang Linyan, 21, is the only post-00s player in the Chinese women’s soccer team at the Asian Cup.I began to receive professional football training at the age of 8 and entered Guangzhou Evergrande Real Madrid Football School at the age of 11.At the age of 12, sun Wen, former captain of The Chinese women’s national football team, was her idol in a CCTV program.In jia Xiuquan’s China women’s football team, Zhang Linyan never entered the big list of China women’s football team.After Taking office as the head coach of The National Women’s football Team, Shui Qingxia recruited Zhang Linyan to the national team and made a penalty kick and scored a goal in the final, which made a great contribution to the Chinese Women’s football Team winning the championship. Young Zhang Linyan has an unlimited future.Zhu Yu is 24 years old this year. In fact, Zhu Yu’s resume in the national team is not very rich. Although she was selected to the Tokyo Olympic squad last year, she did not get the chance to play in the Tokyo Olympic Games.In the Asian Women’s Cup, Shui qingxia chose zhu Yu instead of Peng Shimeng, who was the starting goalkeeper in Tokyo.And Zhu yu did not disappoint the trust of Shui Qingxia, in the semifinal against The Japanese team, the penalty shootout saved the Japanese team two penalties;In the final against South Korea, he made two excellent saves, especially in stoppage time when South Korea shot close at hand.It can be said that Zhu Yu in this women’s Asian Cup, a famous!Tang, 20, was included in China’s women’s national team squad at the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada.2020 China Women’s Golden Ball winner, and in July 2021, joined The English Premier League hotspur club.However, the outstanding Tang, was unexpectedly dropped from the list of the Tokyo Olympics last year, and the reason given at that time was that it was injured, but did not get its own personal confirmation.The current women’s Asian Cup, Tang Has scored a total of 4 goals, especially in the final, a pass a shot is very wonderful, especially one over two acrobatic South Korean players, it is too beautiful!It can be said that The Chinese women’s Football Asian Cup gold medal major hero.First: Wang Shanshan is nearly 32 years old this year. As early as ten years ago, Wang Shanshan was selected to the national team and had many highlights in the Chinese women’s football team.Wang Shanshan is low-key and modest, and has a high prestige in the current Chinese women’s football team.This Asian Cup, Wang Shanshan was voted MVP, three knockout matches have been very amazing performance.Contributed one pass and one shot against Vietnam in the quarterfinals;In the semifinal against Japan, scored a stunning equalizer 1 minute before the end of extra time;2 minutes before the end of stoppage time, scored a great assist against South Korea in the final.Speaking of this Asian Cup, the most eye-catching person of The Chinese women’s football team is the head coach Shui Qingxia, who made magical substitutions in many matches and fully showed her super ability to read the game.Restraining is different from former Chinese women’s football coach Gu Xiuquan biggest, at the same time, every one of the women’s football players to ShuiQingXia respect, it is ShuiQingXia for half a year ago the Tokyo Olympic Games still in turmoil of the Chinese women’s team, become today’s Asian championship, so ShuiQingXia is the Chinese women’s team realize Asian cup champion most powerful king!This Asian Women’s Football Cup will go down in history forever. The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal and brought tears to the eyes of the Chinese people. Even after many years, it will still make people excited to think about it.