Seized more than 130,000 yuan!Within 14 hours, this intruder was apprehended!

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On The New Year’s Eve of January 31, 2022, an unexpected visitor came to Yeyahu Residential area of Shuanglong Street, breaking the lively and harmonious festive atmosphere.New Year’s Eve at about 10 o ‘clock, area resident Luo so-and-so reported to the police, home stolen property, loss of about 200,000 yuan.After receiving the report, the municipal and district public security organs attached great importance to it and quickly set up a special case team to investigate the case.Through in-depth research and analysis of current survey and map investigation, combined with a large number of police visits and platoon work, the task force successfully locked the suspects, and quickly formulated the arrest plan.At about 0 on February 1, the police in big banqiao successfully captured the suspect Zhang jun, and recover stolen cash 148,000 yuan, a BBK learning machine.At present, Zhang mou jun has been detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, the case investigation work is actively carried out.During the festival, when you go out to visit relatives and friends, you must check whether the water, electricity, gas and other energy and use equipment at home are properly closed and disposed of. At the same time, you must carefully check whether the doors and Windows of your home are locked, do a good job of their own safety, do not give criminals an opportunity.The public security organs of Panlong District will continue to strengthen patrol prevention and control efforts, make every effort to eliminate all kinds of security risks, and ensure the political security and social order of the district to maintain security and stability.The police warned a gentleman to love money in the right way, life must be down to earth to live a good long.The public security organs will always maintain a high pressure posture to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts. We warn lawbreakers not to be tempted to take risks by selfish interests, not to go astray due to greed, turn back and surrender as soon as possible, and strive for leniency.Source: Panlong Police