Ma Shouchang died before telling the truth, Zhou Bingkun abandoned his position, Zhou Bingyi can be promoted

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As the youngest child in the family, Zhou Bingkun should have received the most love, but the fact is completely opposite, eldest brother Zhou Bingyi at a young age to do the position of vice mayor, second sister Zhou Rong also became the youngest associate professor in the school, in the foil of the two of them, Zhou Bingkun is much worse.What they don’t know, though, is that he got to where he is today thanks to some prodding from Chow, without whom he might be nothing.As ma Shouchang’s death, the truth of this matter also emerged gradually.Zhou Bingkun the plot has experienced friends TuZhiQiang’s departure from the start, he saw at the scene after the faint directly, after wake up has been the spirit of trance, let him start centerless his own job, would rather take time off to go home and rest for a period of time, who wants to lead is not approved, so the conflicts and leadership, it also makes themselves unemployed.At this time in order not to worry his elderly mother.Or pretend to go out to work, the last helpless had to turn to friends Qiao Chunyan.Waiting for Qiao Chunyan outside the public bath, happened to meet an old man came out from inside, directly fainted down.Seeing this, Zhou quickly rushed her to the hospital, where he learned that the old man’s name was Ma Shouchang.After receiving the news in the hospital, there are many nurses and doctors immediately around, Zhou Bingkun realized that the identity of the elderly is not general.Afterwards, a woman asked Him about the nature and work unit, which laid a good foundation for the following events.Under the help of CAI Xiaoguang, Zhou Bingkun entered the sauce factory work, there met the secretary of the sauce factory Qu Xiuzhen.As a result of outstanding performance was invited to the home, then she found herself before the old man is qu Xiuzhen’s husband.After knowing this situation, Qu Xiuzhen took care of Zhou Bingkun in every way. With his help, Zhou Bingkun had a great change both in work and in thought, which laid a great foundation for his success.At the same time, Zhou bingyi was admitted to Peking University through his own efforts, which meant that he would have a good job after graduation. Sure enough, he was assigned to an institution right after graduation.Many people think that he is relying on the help of Governor Hao today, in fact, not so, according to netizens Ma Shouchang told the truth before his death, Zhou Bingyi has such achievements, is Zhou Bingkun abandoned his position, and asked him to help Zhou Bingyi to have a job after.