Jinchuan branch Jinchuan Traffic police brigade to carry out road traffic safety investigation work

2022-06-01 0 By

In order to solidly promote the investigation and rectification of key hidden road sections of traffic accidents under the jurisdiction, strive to improve the level of road traffic safety management under the jurisdiction, effectively prevent major road traffic accidents, and resolutely curb the occurrence of major road traffic accidents.Recently, Jinchuan branch Jinchuan Traffic police brigade deputy captain Kang Wanbin led the accident police squadron in-depth area to carry out the investigation and management of road traffic safety hazards.Screening, civilian police to the urban blind spots, blocking point and campus, market surrounding roads as screening object has carried on the detailed field MoPai, site visits, by adopting a carpet, the operation mode of the trawl, cogent accomplish hidden full cover, leave no dead Angle blind area, and potential for screening out the road classification based on accounting, timely report.We will ensure that potential road safety hazards are dealt with quickly and effectively within the shortest period of time, and effectively provide a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment for people to travel safely.