Heroes go home!Scattered martyrs’ tombs in Fuping County were moved to the martyrs’ cemetery for centralized burial

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Castle peak buried loyal bones, flowers offering souls.On March 31, a mass burial ceremony was held at the Martyrs’ Cemetery in Fuping County.Zhang Fugui, Tong Yunjiang and other seven scattered graves of revolutionary martyrs concentrated in fuping County martyrs Cemetery, unified management and memorial pay respects.In the Martyrs’ cemetery, the revolutionary martyrs’ monument stands towering, surrounded by green pines and cypress, verdant vegetation, a solemn atmosphere.Representatives of the martyrs’ families, Fuping County people’s Armed Forces Department, public Security Bureau, veterans affairs Bureau, courts, procuratorates and other party, government, military related leaders and representatives from all walks of life lined up in order to solemnly welcome the martyrs’ migration into the park.At 10 a.m., the burial ceremony began.As the deep and low “Missing Song” sounded, the soldiers escorted the coffin covered with the national flag of the People’s Republic of China to the martyrs monument.Participants in the ceremony looked solemn, laid flower baskets to the monument, silent tribute to the martyrs, bowed, expressed deep mourning and infinite respect for the revolutionary martyrs.Later, the soldiers will escort the coffin to the tomb, accompanied by the relatives of the martyrs for burial.The long “Missing Song” lingers over the cemetery, telling the heroic achievements of the martyrs, recalling the revolutionary martyrs of the loyal soul feat.Armed forces officers and men holding flowers, slowly forward, pay respects to the martyrs monument, martyrs to offer flowers, in the memory of the memory, from the great spirit of the revolutionary martyrs to draw forward strength.”Every monument is a monument, there are stirring deeds of heroism, is bearing the weight of the revolutionary spirit of immortality, we only pass martyrs of character, remember, martyrs behest, ask in the compliments of the mission, firm ideal faith, his mind challenge in inheriting army morale, motivate win power, of the martyrs for will start, struggling business constantly push forward!”Political work section director Yang Jiandong said emotionally.Heaven and earth heroic gas, thousands of years is awe-inspiring.The seven martyrs buried here include revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the War of Liberation and those who sacrificed their lives in peace.They demonstrated their noble character with heroic deeds, interpreted the meaning of life with their precious youth, and wrote loyalty and responsibility with their great lives. They are the eternal pride of Fuping, the hot land of red.Learned, fuping currently scattered burial martyr move graveyard to another place into the garden work has been completed, the next step, the department of military equipment will be coordinated with local government and relevant departments, to protect, manage and use good martyrs cemetery continued to push this important red resources, build the whole society to advocate heroes, learning heroes, defend the thick atmosphere of heroes, love ChineseWe will work together to forge ahead on a new journey and strive for a new era.Source: PLA Daily client author: Wu Donghai