Closed management does not seal the “heart”, in the face of the special circumstances of the community to do so!

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After seven o ‘clock in the evening, it should be a good time for most citizens to take a walk and relax after dinner.A sudden message, but touched the heart of wuliqiao street prevention and control headquarters.”Civilian wounded!Need help!”A request to close off and manage residential buildings put the street task force working group into action quickly.Originally, recently just closed management corridor, resident Wang Bo because of home during the use of scissors carelessly, stabbed right palm.Although self – bandaged treatment, bleeding stopped.But because uncle Wang is in poor health, uncle Wang and his family members put forward the need to go to the hospital for tetanus vaccination.”The epidemic is relentless, and the community is compassionate.”How do you respond to such a sudden request?In order to protect the health and safety of residents and prevent loopholes in the community epidemic prevention “safety net”, the neighborhood prevention and control headquarters contacted the district CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention in the first time to inquire the results of the first round of nucleic acid tests of the residents in the residential building.Waiting for the results at the same time, the street related staff timely communicate with the neighborhood committee and the district police, verify the owner’s identity information, prepare for emergency treatment.After confirming that the nucleic acid sample was negative, the community Health Service center contacted Luwan Branch of Ruijin Hospital to prepare for the closed-loop transfer.From confirming the nucleic acid sample negative to closed-loop transport, the whole process took just over 20 minutes, and the injured Wang was rushed to 120 ambulance.After more than half an hour of medical treatment, he was transported back to his residence through a closed loop.Wang was relieved when he returned home. He expressed his gratitude to community workers and medical staff, and said he would continue to firmly support community epidemic prevention efforts.In fact, there is a “big event” in the residential building where Uncle Wang lives — that is the village elevator installation project.The elevator patio is the first thing residents see when they enter the gated residential complex.Standing in front of the building, Qian Shulei, the party chief branch secretary of the residential area, said with emotion, “I did not expect that the wechat group that was not built before jiatian was built after closed management.”Originally, this closed management residential building was built in the 1980s, is a typical old multi-storey building, the building is 7 stories high, each floor lived 6 households.Nowadays, most of the residents living in the building are elderly, so it is inconvenient to travel up and down stairs.Before the end of last year, under the guidance of enthusiastic floor leader Li Bobo, under the guidance of the party general branch in the residential area, with the help of social organizations, the old building coruscate new life, began to install the elevator project.In the process of advancing the ladder, the building also encountered a difficult to solve the matter, enthusiastic floor leader Li Bobo is old, will not use smart phones, resulting in each building ladder building must have “ladder building group” difficult to establish.Unexpectedly because of the residential building closed management, everyone has to use smart phones to scan code registration, So Li Bobo also used smart phones, began to learn the skills.In this way, the special epidemic prevention work group of residential buildings has become the liaison group of the ladder building group.A few days ago, the residential building that this is adding ladder is unsealed smoothly.Many residents seem to have a different view of the epidemic and community prevention efforts.”I thought the epidemic was far away from me, but I must get a booster shot after this lockdown!””Whether you go to work or pick up your kids, always wear a mask!”Wuliqiao street reminded: “Regardless of whether there are closed management corridors in the community, residents must do a good job of daily epidemic prevention ‘three sets’, protection’ five ‘: wear masks, social distancing, pay attention to personal hygiene;”Masks should be worn, social distancing should be maintained, coughing and sneezing should be covered, hands should be washed frequently and Windows should be open as much as possible.”