Yan Zhonghao | Medical affairs in Jin Ping Mei: Is Li Ping ‘er pregnant with Ximen Qing’s son?

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On June 23, 2004, In xuanhe, Xi Menqing and his concubines spent the summer drinking and listening to music in a large shed called Jujingtang.Is drinking, Li Ping son abdominal pain back to the house lying.Wu Yueniang said to Meng Yulou: “Sister Li seven or eight months, I’m afraid I stirred it.”Pan Jinlian say: “she where is this month, ask her is the child in August, return early mile!”Not once li Ping son returned to the feast.Did not wait for a song to listen to, because of abdominal pain tight, immediately back to the room.She said to Wu Yueniang, who went to see her, “In my heart, even in my belly, it hurts when I fall down.”Ximen qing called the boy to please midwife CAI Lao niang.CAI Lao Niang came to touch Li Ping son, said: “it’s time!”There was a flurry of activity in the room.Outside the room, Pan Jinlian said to Meng Yulou: “I said just now that she is not the child of this month, but I am afraid that she is from August.Meng Youlou said, “I also said he was a child in June.”Pan Jinlian said: “I and you are so, he came from last August, and is not the daughter of yellow flower.A married wife, men do not know how many, also a couple of months before the birth of a baby, we recognize as a child.I said: Oh, if the child is in August, there are some shadows in our house, and if it is in June, there is a small stool to muddy the road god, but also a hat head!Lost in his hometown, where to find the calf?”For a long time, only to hear a sound in the room, Li Ping son gave birth to a brother, after the name “Simon guan brother” at this time the family happy, only Pan Jinlian one more angry, back to the room from the door, alone in bed crying.Li Pinger is the fifth year of political harmony, married into the West gate house on August 20 and became the sixth concubine.There had been a small episode before, June 18, Li Pinger in anxious helplessness had recruited Jiang Zhushan.In early August, xi men Qing sent two men to beat Jiang Zhushan and sent him back to the county government.Li Pinger for Jiang Zhushan debt, and away jiang Zhushan.On August 22, li Pinger, who had passed through the gate, was not able to bear The revenge of Ximenqing and snuffed out, so he hanged himself.On the 23rd, Ximen Qing flogged Li Pinger and reconciled that night.On the 25th, Ximen Qing held a banquet for Li Pinger.On June 20, 2006, Li Pinger gave birth to Simon Guan Ge.Dai Dunbang drawing · Li Bottle son is the son of Ximen Qing ximen official brother down is not the son of Ximen Qing?Does pan Jinlian make sense of what she says?Modern medical knowledge tells us that the time from ovum fertilization to fetal delivery is about 266-270 days, from the first day of the last menstruation, about 280 days.The method that calculates normally is: add 9 months with the month of last menstruation, day (or reduce 3 months), 7 days again, alleged “reduce 3 add 7”, it is expected date of birth namely.For example: the last menstruation was on February 22, the due date is November 29;Her last menstruation was on May 20, and her due date was February 27.The author of “Jin Ping Mei” has a rich knowledge of obstetrical medicine. In the book, Wu Yueniang is pregnant with Xi Menqing after zhenghe eats xue’s “elixil” on April 23, 2007 (Renzi Day).On the 21st day of the first lunar month of the following year, She gave birth to “Ximen Xiao Ge er”, only 9 days earlier than the expected date of delivery, perhaps stimulated by ximen Qing’s death.Because the length of the menstrual cycle is different, the tension of the uterus and abdominal wall of pregnant women is also different, so the actual date of delivery and the estimated date of delivery can often have 1-2 weeks of discrepancy.So in the clinical examination should pay attention to the size of the uterus, in order to estimate the period of pregnancy, and according to the end of the next month menstrual period calculated due date for the control.Li Pinger and Ximen Qing got married on August 20, 2005 in Zhenghe, and reconciled on August 23, 2005. They spent a wonderful time together.From the medical point of view, What Li Pinger is pregnant should be ximen qing’s child.Pan jinlian said this out of jealousy. Even Meng Yulou said to Pan Jinlian, “What does the fifth sister mean?”Later, when she spoke out of her mind, she kept silent and answered her.The author made a “mystery” spring in jin ping mei mei, although with the lotus of pan gold had an affair with Chen economy, but she is politics and eight years in October, was Wu Yuenian Joe xue putting es sold to fannie and Freddie Zhou Shoubei do silver, Fielding in her room, rested three nights in a row, she is in the second year in August gave birth to the son, and there is about 300 days, theoretically calculated the son,It should be the “small yagnei” guarded by Zhou.However, the author of Jin Ping Mei has added an episode to the book.Chen economy became a Taoist priest to meet Feng Jinbao again, by the ruffian Liu two boxing and bound bound official.Chen Economy is about to be executed in the yamen, zhang Sheng is holding a small yamen, standing in front of the hall to watch.That small yatai see come over Chen economy, in zhang Sheng arms can not stop, rushed to Chen economy embrace.Zhang Sheng afraid the garrison saw, busy came over, the small yamen also sent crying, straight cry to the back of the front of the spring plum.After chun Mei listens to go soft screen behind probe a look, fruit is Chen economy.Come forward immediately interceding, make Chen economy escaped.This episode, it seems that small yamen and Chen economy have what fate.Is it blood?There is no explanation in “Jin Ping Mei”, but a “mystery” intentionally created by the author.But from a medical point of view, it seems unlikely.Zhou Xiaoyagnei who is the child of the book only spring plum in the mind, the book only the author in the mind, others who also can not say, unclear.This article is authorized by the author to be published on our official account. 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