Practice the “four forces” to feel the pulse of The Times

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Tiger Jump mountains and rivers strong, China sun and moon new.In China, which is a strong and prosperous country, there are amiable and respectable people, rapid development, ceaseless succession of the business, and a strong and enduring story of its struggle.As an important opening to welcome the party’s 20 theme publicity, the majority of journalists continue to strengthen their feet, eyesight, mental and writing skills, as promised, set foot on the journey of “the grassroots in the New Year”, go deep into production and life, feel the pulse of The Times, and warmly praise the national development and the people live and work in peace and contentment.At the foot of how much soil, heart precipitation how much truth.Since January 17 opened the “Spring To grass-roots” column, the People’s Daily launched “on the zhenxing Road village sweet” “help policy stability life weather new” two major special reports and “The Winter Olympics, we can participate in!”And a number of popular works, more than 100 journalists into communities, farmers, enterprises, presenting the full festive atmosphere of the “New Year”, in the form of vivid all-media reports to show the economic and social development achievements of various regions.Under heavy snow, reporter Qiao Dong went deep into Shenlongwan Village, Dongshitou Township, Pingshun County, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, where cliffs and cliffs are everywhere. He visited the small villages in the mountains and explored how to use roads, networks and e-commerce platforms to connect the outside world. He wrote “After E-commerce came to the small village…”.Xinhua News Agency has sent more than 450 journalists, pictures and videos, and formed more than 100 all-media reporting teams to rural fields, urban blocks, factories, border posts, Spring Festival transport sites and epidemic prevention lines, continuously providing all-round, multi-angle, three-dimensional and small-cut media coverage.A border guard brigade of the PLA Northern Theater Command promotes intelligent border Defense construction by relying on local scientific and technological forces. During the Spring Festival Travel Rush, the Plateau Fuxing joins for the first time.And other key reports to give a comprehensive picture of people’s lives and social development in the new era.More than 60 journalists from the China Media Group News Center worked with more than 30 local press stations to create “Grass-roots” reports in the Spring Festival.As of January 29, news channels had broadcast 38 reports on “Going to grassroots level in the Spring Festival”, while Voice of China had launched 31 reports, reaching 1.098 billion audience times.Journalists seized the sentimental occasion of the Spring Festival to tell stories of people from all walks of life who are committed to their posts, positive and hardworking, inspiring people’s enthusiasm for a new journey and a new era of achievements.Among them, the news broadcast launched the “clear love only for China” for the first time to show the 4,676m altitude of Tibet Military region biao Salad wrong outpost, reporters with the camera witnessed the border guards braving the wind and snow in the forbidden area of life armed patrol scene.Reporters from the China Media Group visited the Winter Olympics venues and training grounds across the country to show moving scenes of people in different venues working together to win glory for the country, including venue construction, Olympic technology and volunteer service.Feel the great era, gather the power of the pen.Reporters from the PLA Daily traveled to mountains and islands, visited border guard posts, stepped on forests, seas and snowy fields, and recorded the patriotism and style of The Times of the frontline officers and soldiers, who were able to make sacrifices, stay loyal to their mission and fulfill their goals.Year after year, there are new things.Guangming Daily reporters listen to people’s feelings, visit people’s livelihood, with affectionate pen and lens, record the blooming of youth and the growth of dreams in this era.”Street Dry Cleaner”, “School came to the special guest” and other manuscripts, will happen around you and me live moving struggle story.Home is the smallest country, the country is ten million.How will people’s lives change during the first Spring Festival after the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects?Economic Daily reporters visited the vivid practices of high-quality development in all walks of life, presenting the historic achievements and changes of the cause of the Party and the country in the new era from a micro perspective.China Daily reporter Wu Yong and 10 international friends from Austria, Germany, Russia and other countries traveled to Shenyang, Liaoning Province, to experience the traditional culture of the 300-year-old Puhe Fair and share the Happy Chinese Year.Workers’ Daily reporters go to the front line to listen to the voices from the grassroots, sing songs for the workers, and encourage the strivers.The reporter of China Women’s News deeply felt the ordinary people’s sense of gain, happiness, security and eager expectation for a better life in the future, and captured the beautiful atmosphere of spring and development.Farmers Daily reporters went into the mountains and villages to showcase the new achievements in agriculture and record China’s progress in consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization.Journalists from People’s Public Security Daily reported touching stories of local public security organs and auxiliary police officers in the areas of Spring Festival transportation security, epidemic prevention and control, consolidating poverty alleviation achievements, promoting rural revitalization, maintaining stability, and serving the people.Bend over, move true feelings.”When I was young, I stayed up with my family to celebrate the happy reunion of my small family.Today, with the police in the border anti-epidemic line ‘shou Sui’, keep the lights of the thousands of peace.Walk grassroots, all the way to learn, all the way moved.”On New Year’s Eve, People’s Daily reporter Zhang Yikai walked into the Dongning Brigade of mudanjiang Border Management Detachment in Heilongjiang Province, where he spent the Spring Festival with more than 70 immigration management police who stick to the front line of fighting the epidemic. He recorded the lofty spirit of “loyalty for the people, dedication, professionalism and civilization, fairness and incorruptibility” in writing.Dreams call, duty calls.On the Spring Festival train, in the fight against the epidemic, in the final sprint for the Winter Olympics, in everyone’s hard work in life, more stories are being recorded.People’s Daily (02 edition on February 01, 2022) (Edited by Zhou Qianwen and Zhang Jun) Share to let more people see