Glory new three kingdoms: four riding flow how to stand?Tips that even veteran gamers tend to miss

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Many people are familiar with the strategy games of The Three Kingdoms theme, such as PC games such as The Three Kingdoms series and the Total Battle of The Three Kingdoms, and mobile games such as The Shore of The Land and the Strategy edition of The Three Kingdoms.But have you played The Three Kingdoms theme mobile games on sending 200 smoke?In the “Glory new Three Kingdoms” mobile game, there are a lot of players to this benefit up crazy card.A good start is a standard national team without money.But in fact, in “Glory new Three Kingdoms”, although the configuration of the national team can improve the game experience, but in the opening of the land, if you ignore some precautions, it may make your perfect start, become bumpy. Today, I would like to talk with you about “Glory New Three Kingdoms”, the most easily ignored some small skills.First of all, in Glory New Three Kingdoms, a simulated luggage combat mechanism is adopted to simulate the influence of body functions on combat.Each general has a stamina set, and when the stamina runs out, or if the general is seriously injured, he or she needs to rest and cannot go to battle.In the game, in addition to PVP, there are also a lot of PVE combat scenes, such as conquest of the field, there are bandits, etc.A warrior’s stamina is limited to 200 points, and 40 points are expended on each trip, so the most powerful warrior can only fight 5 battles in a row.This requires us to reasonably allocate the operational targets of the main team and the deputy team. For example, the main team only plays high level fields above level 7, and the deputy team only plays high level fields between level 4 and 6. Then, we can build a special squad for fighting and cleaning up bandits, and share the physical energy consumption, so as to avoid the waste of high-end combat forces.Second, unlike other similar SLG mobile games, Glory of the New Three Kingdoms uses the path mechanism innovatively and does not waste a lot of time on paving the road.Rational use of official access, to check the omission of their need to fill the plot, although it may be around some distance, but can help you save a lot of time and energy.In addition, in the game, everyone’s territory is not unlimited, after a certain number of players are faced with the choice of land, at this time the benefits of using the bureaucratic access to show.Thirdly, when fighting in ancient times, people often pay great attention to the time and distance of battle, which will not only avoid being outflanked by others, but also have a lot of influence on morale.In Honor of the New Three Kingdoms, the battle intention is combined with the distance marched, and the battle intention will lose 1% for every 1 li the troops move.If you move a grid on the map, your battle will be reduced by 1%.And troops on the way back, the war has been in a state of decline.Therefore, do not engage in a one-time long distance battle unless you absolutely have to, because the damage done by the party is reduced by 60% when the party’s battle meaning is 0.This means that you could start out with a win or a draw, but after a long trek, you could end up with a draw or a loss because you’ve lost half of your damage.If the use of a stay of the method of discount, also should not be paid attention to multiple stay and re-pull, because each stay and pull once, will buckle a physical strength.If we march too often, our troops may become tired before we hit the enemy.In addition, there are many schools of military generals in Glory new Three Kingdoms, but the position of each school is not fixed.There are more strategies to this than you might think.For example, when playing quad, you can charge three of your team in a row against the same enemy, stack a level 3 damage reduction BUFF in a very short time, and kill an enemy quickly.For example, in the following 4 horse vs. level 7 field sweep, a 3 man column will kill faster than a 121 spread out, and will also perform better in terms of battle damage.So if you are not satisfied with the result of a match, you can try to change the battle position, and maybe get better results.In addition, in Glory of the New Three Kingdoms, there are many small skills that are easy to be ignored. For example, when Cao Cao and Liu Bei play at the same time, Liu Bei will release a beat slower than Cao Cao. At this time, if cao Cao is equipped with opening type bonus skills such as Du Yin, Liu Bei can also get damage bonus, which can improve a lot of damage.Points, urban construction, for example, you can pull down other land 8 frames, avoid takes places, etc. In general, the new glory in The Three Kingdoms, “the policy mechanism, not only you see, between the warrior skills is tie-in, but hidden in the baggage of each link, waiting for you to dig slowly, so it is a need to slowly sipping game.