An old man cycling across the road in Bengbu?The result was tragic!

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At 9:55 on December 22, 2021, Xu Yu drove yiyang electric bicycle in the south side of East Shengli Road motor vehicle road from west to east to the west side of the intersection of Longjin Road from southwest to northeast oblique through to the intersection when the red light continues to turn left to the north,By car to the left and the east Lucy eastward along the victory to Long Jin road intersection in stopping waiting for release, start straight after the green light Xu Hong number one driving anhui CC55XX heavy truck collided at the front right side column board, the car electric bike to the right side of his fall, the front of the storage basket and was left front wheel rolled out by the van, causing Xu Yu a wounded and two car is damaged.Suh died at home on January 14, 2022, after the written confirmation of the accident was delivered to both parties.Through judicial identification, the deceased Xu Yu is consistent with the traffic accident caused by cervical spinal cord injury caused by respiratory muscle paralysis, paralysis, coupled with continued aggravation of lung infection, eventually due to respiratory failure death.After investigation, Xu Yu a driving electric bicycle from truck cabin right rear drive to the front, in the truck drivers vision blind area, truck drivers Xu Yu no conditions can be observed a certain and its driving electric bicycle and Xu Yu driving electric bicycle from west to north continuous across the lanes, meet the red light turn left, Xu Hong a meet green light to start straight,Therefore, the truck driver cannot be held responsible for the accident.Traffic police seven brigade after study on January 5, 2022 identified Xu Yu to assume full responsibility for this road traffic accident, Xu Hong is not responsible.Children travel security needs of the elderly care and remind society more in need of care and comity elderly people consciously abide by the rules out the elderly travel safety points riding ✎ comply with no red light signal ✔ old people ride electric bicycle through the intersection before, to do not run a red light, at the same time to avoid the two kinds of situations:During the countdown to the red light, it will enter the intersection ahead of time, which is easy to collide with vertical vehicles;Crossing with seconds left on the green signal could result in a collision with a vehicle just starting to accelerate.✎ note right turn vehicles, not its controlling ✔ when driving the motor vehicle prepared through the intersection, attention should be paid to the rear car, especially pay attention to right turn vehicles, because when a right turn motor vehicles exist blind area, especially the big truck, its blind area range is bigger than ordinary cars, cause accident harm is greater.✎ do not take up fast track cycling ✔ electric bicycle must abide by the principle of the road, on a non-motor vehicle road driving;On roads where motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles mix, you must keep to the right.✎ left ✔ right when you need to turn left when crossing the road, must be opposite to the intersection to turn, and before turning to stop, look at left back, look again at the side, after confirm safety through again.Walking ✎ go out in the morning and evening, keep in mind that “see” and “being seen” ✔ “see” is to point to in the case of insufficient light walking backward, so see to car in time, and have enough time to react to dodge vehicles;To be seen means to wear brightly colored clothes, reflective vests and reflective sleeves so that drivers can see themselves.✎ safe crossing the road ✔ in the zebra crossing the road, to obey the rules through from the zebra crossing, and pay attention to the zebra crossing on the visual blind area such as vehicles, green shade;On a road without a zebra crossing, observe in the order of “left-right-left” before crossing the intersection, and then pass at a steady and uniform speed after confirming safety.Large vehicles have large open Spaces. In right-turning, front and right gaps are the most dangerous ones.When the vehicle starts, the front side of the vehicle is the driver’s blind spot.And when it backs up, the most dangerous is the rear blind spot.From every detail of traffic civilization, obey laws and regulations, develop good travel habits, life only once please cherish life, civilized travel.This article comes from Bengbu traffic police, copyright belongs to the original author, if involved in infringement, please contact to delete.