I am longing for the spring waiting for your return.

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In the melancholy twilight a postman’s call came in at the door, the jujube branches trembled against the pale sky, and the pigeons hurriedly packed up their whistles and returned to their cottages.Is this the coldest season?My heart is frozen with snow.Holding a cup of bitter love in hand, but if drinking qingqin nectar.I was afraid to see his sad green color, but the dense rose-colored mist made me fancy, this is the first flower of your love to me.Again, the wine of love!You gave it to me and then let it go, how I keep it from dying without your irrigation!Like the end of a dream as long as you on a midsummer night.Will you still listen to what I have to say?Moonless dark night, light up the stars in the sky.We walked together for the first time, walking in the woods beside Chang ‘an Avenue, for you lost the key can not go back, I do your lonely companion.You may already know that my subtlety is not gratuitous.But how can I reveal to you the love that has burned so long in the depths of my heart?It should be so quiet that I wanted to hold my breath.The first thing you said when you walked in was, “I’m going to XX!”The bright light could not cover my sudden expression. The hand holding the apricot red coffee candy paper vibrated uncontrollably. I tore it up at a loss.Your eyes, with the most beautiful dreams in the world, have opened my heart at last.I told you.You smiled, showing a row of white teeth.Yeah. Shouldn’t I tell you?I said I was willing to love you, even if it was a straight road to the trap of burning oil.At the foggy dawn, we floated in a canoe on the blue waves of the North Sea.Like the vision of the gods, ah, when I am in the misty mist, I hear your voice, you wipe my tears with wet lips.”Wait for me, and I’ll be back in your arms next year when the lilacs bloom.”North Sea white tower side, from pull cui xuan overlooking down, this majestic imperial city, gently by the sunset.You whisper to me, why do I blush?Rippling through the aisles of the ripple hall, we dropped the wide round chestnuts far off into the North Sea, making the ripples ripple off in a hush like a dream.I still have on my fingers the lingering warmth of my last farewell, and before my eyes the note on which you sent me your greetings is covered with tears of joy as I read them the first time.But, but, you never heard from me again.Forget the day, forget the night, how many times the doorbell is not the postman with your letter.I leaned against the street door and waited for the postman to pass, my disappointment blinded me until the second postman’s voice came from a distant alley.The farewell smiled at my lamp and walked back to my cold bed.Sleepless fatigue wiped my cheeks rosy, longing to cut the fullness of the face, covered with dust makeup table, I no longer for whom to modify the face.Sir!In this dim evening I hold in my hand the wine of sorrow, and open my deep-set eyes.Always, always wait for the spring when you come back.