“Hong Kong City Venue Code” officially launched!Residents of Yantai scan codes to enter public places

2022-05-29 0 By

Liang Yingying, reporter of Qilu Evening News and Qilu Yidian, at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Information Office of The Yantai Municipal Government on the morning of April 1, Li Wei, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Yantai, introduced the relevant functions and precautions of the “Hong Kong City Venue code” system, which was officially launched at 8 o ‘clock on April 1.Li wei introduced that in order to strengthen the “national defense line” of epidemic prevention and control and let the masses work and live safely, Yantai has developed a unified “Port city location code” in the city.From 8 o ‘clock today, it will be opened citywide.Citizens can enter shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment and other public places and take public transportation only after scanning the code and showing the result within the city.For the use of “Port City Venue code”, we need to search the mini program “Port City Venue Code” through wechat and do two tasks in advance.First, the site manager should truthfully fill in the information of the site in the mini procedure, apply for the “Port City site code”, and post it in the obvious position at the entrance of the site, so that citizens can scan the code.Second, citizens need to register for the first time and complete real-name registration in the mini-program in advance.After registration, scan the “Port City Venue Code” at the entrance through wechat and show the health code. If the result shows normal, you can quickly pass through and enter the venue.”Port City Venue Code” realizes automatic registration to protect personal information, facilitate public travel and venue management purposes.Minors, the elderly, the visually and hearing-impaired persons, etc., can be handled by their family members or counterparts, or paper registration.Please observe the epidemic prevention and control regulations, scan codes and register when entering public places, and cooperate with the prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, checking codes and measuring temperatures, and one-meter noodles, so that everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control and jointly maintain a healthy living environment.