A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Ping an Puhui helps you overcome difficulties in the process of entrepreneurship

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In 2014, Mr. Li’s daily life was busy.That year, he was admitted to Hohhot Vocational And Technical College from his hometown Ulanqab to study tourism management. He did not know much about this major, but thought it was exciting to run around the world.In his sophomore year, he had a clear goal: “To become an excellent tour guide after graduation.”In his spare time, he and several classmates printed and bound the resumes of all the students in the class. With Hohhot as the center, they drew a circle for three kilometers around and sent resumes to every travel agency within the circle, hoping to get a part-time job.Despite their willingness to work part-time for free as tour guides, they are rejected by travel agencies because of their lack of experience, often leaving their resumes in the trash.Undaunted, Mr. Li “brazenly” door-to-door self-promotion.Finally, a travel agency agreed to give him a free tour.He set out on the road to practice.Every time he is in a tour group, he carefully learns how to deal with the guests and deal with some difficult problems from the guide.After leading a domestic tour for a while, Mr. Li set his sights on international routes and began practicing his English.In 2006, he accepted an 11-day tour group to Dubai. This time, he not only received praise from the guests, but also earned his first bucket of gold: 30,000 yuan.It also allowed him to see the huge “money” in the travel industry.And his steadfast sincerity, then became the “stepping stone.Mr. Li recalled the time he picked up a tour group to Mount Huangshan and was paid 20 yuan a day.When the members arrived, he was blind.All of them were old, the youngest 70, the oldest nearly 90.Because of the low cost and difficulty of leading a tour, many guides refused the drudgery, but he still took the unprofitable job.In those days, he got up at 4 am every morning to arrange breakfast for the old people, and he waited for everyone to go to bed before going to bed.Because Mr. Li can bear hardships, do not care about, a sense of responsibility, many tourists rush to him to lead groups.After graduation, he worked as a tour guide for four years and won the title of “Hohhot Star Tour guide” in 2016, making him the shortest star tour guide at that time.With enough experience, Mr. Li decided to start his own business and set up his own travel agency at the beginning of 2018. He chose to go back to Hohhot to explore the market.Hohhot belongs to the “Hohhot” economic zone with rich tourism resources and great potential for tourism development.Mr Li said it was only in the past two years that customised travel became popular across the country.At present, there are many customized travel agencies in the country and the competition is fierce, which has prompted him to constantly think of new ideas to attract customers.Because of previous tour experience, with many domestic hotels, restaurants, car, wedding has business, such as “seize these customers only, ability makes the tourists from industry rules” li with practice during the university, and his keen observation ability, start preparing their travel agency, from looking for partners, to select tourist route, a year down,Mr. Li finally opened his own travel agency.Twenty years ago, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the tourism industry was in a slump. In June, although the government helped the tourism industry to obtain a low interest loan of 200,000 yuan from the bank, there was still a big gap between the working capital gap.When the company was in crisis, Mr. Li remembered the wechat account of a supervisor of Ping An Puhui who also attended the job fair in 19 years. He contacted the supervisor surnamed Yang with the mentality of trying.This supervisor surnamed Yang is a team director of Ping An Puhui Inner Mongolia headquarters center. He showed great enthusiasm for Mr. Li’s consultation. He not only calmed Mr. Li’s anxious mood on the phone, but also came to his door with product materials to explain to Mr. Li.Through the on-site explanation, Mr. Li recognized the loan model without mortgage and guarantee of Pratt & Whitney, and decided to conduct the loan the next day.The next day under the guidance of Director Yang, Mr. Li used a mobile phone registration, only 20 minutes later through the mortgage and insurance policy double authentication to raise the amount, approved through the credit line of 200,000.Mr. Li was satisfied that he could be of great help to the company in its current difficulties, so he signed the loan contract without hesitation and received the money in less than half an hour.Properly planned and spent, the money helped Mr Li’s travel company survive the worst of times.With the improvement of the epidemic, travel has become a popular activity for people on weekends and holidays, and Li’s company has regained its former glory.In the most dangerous time is peace puhui helped him a lot of help, so he is also very willing to friends around, peers to promote peace Puhui.