Military Academy of Light and shadow | record different hot-blooded youth

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Study, training, duty…The busy and full life of the military academy contains a different kind of beauty. They write footnotes of youth with concentration, struggle and unity.In their spare time, cadets at the Air Force Early Warning Academy pick up their cameras and record the details of life.What kind of spark can the crisscross and overlap of light and shadow collide with the life of hot-blooded military academy?Next, please enjoy a visual feast!Keep your eyes focused and ready to go.Good soldiers are trained hard and full of fighting spirit.Roam the sea of books, unlettered.Bite the bullet and race against time.Pull together as a team.Burn the midnight oil and fulfill your duties.Stick to your faith and strive for your original aspiration.Author: Zhao Hongyu, Zhang Yuhang, WANG Ning source: Ministry of National Defense net