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A xylophone is a set of small rectangular pieces of wood.The blocks are arranged in a certain order.When playing with two wooden mallet knock on wooden block, give out the dry tapping sound that sounds like bone slightly, sound quality is intense and harsh, have special penetrating force.Modern xylophones have a range of three octaves.Sound bar: mahogany or other hard wood production, commonly used materials for tropical mahogany and rosewood and other hard materials;Piano stand: metal;Resonator: a thin circular aluminum tube of varying lengths, mounted at the bottom of each sound bar, which acts as a sounding box for a stringed instrument, enhancing and lengthening the sound produced by the sound bar;Modern xylophones are often modified from the gourd type, with wood or metal pipes instead of gourds as resonators.Punch: a pair of small spoon – shaped mahogany mahogany.Used to strike a tone bar to produce sound.The basic structure of the xylophone is composed of a number of long and tapering hardwood sound bars arranged in parallel on the shelf.The xylophone comes in two shapes.A more common type is the vertical row.The bars are arranged like the black and white keys of a piano in two rows, each with a metal resonance tube under it.The basic structure of the xylophone is a number of bars of different lengths arranged in a certain order, each bar with a wooden or metal tube as a resonator, the range of three and a half to four octaves.Xylophone is played with two ligneous mallet knock on sound bar, give out dry tapping sound, sound quality is intense and harsh, have special penetrating force, use at solo more.