A: hi!280 billion white horse crazy pull more than 10%, Hong Kong stock three plates crazy

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Source: China Fund News reporter: Although Jiang You is still in the market, but A shares in the heart has been happy, because the Hong Kong stocks next door hi.Hong Kong stocks today, pharmaceutical stocks, technology stocks, real estate stocks broke out, anti-epidemic concept stocks soared, pioneer pharmaceutical surged 37%;Vanke, with a market value of more than 280 billion yuan, rose 11%.Technology stocks also rose like a rainbow, hang Seng Technology index jumped more than 5%, the US stock market before the concept of stocks also rose, the concept of the Internet ETF net today should be very good.By the close, the Hang Seng index was up 2.1 per cent, the Hang Seng State-owned Enterprises Index rose 3.1 per cent and the Hang Seng Technology index jumped 5.43 per cent.Housing riots, Vanke jumped 11% around the real estate loose policy news, Hong Kong stocks opened today, housing stocks soared.E-house Enterprise Holdings, Baolong Real Estate, Longguang Group and China Jinmao rose by more than 20%, while New Town Development rose by more than 17%.Some analysis pointed out that the mainland in Hong Kong listed real estate companies share price strength is the main reason for the market for the following policy strength to hold more optimistic expectations.On the news, recently, Zhejiang Quzhou issued a document on the purchase restriction and sale restriction policy was cancelled and loosened at the same time, Hebei Qinhuangdao combined with the current real estate market development situation abolished the previous purchase restriction policy.The H-shares of Vanke, a leading real estate stock with a market value of more than 280 billion yuan, also jumped more than 11%.Vanke holdings LTD. ‘s Vanke Holdings LTD., which filed to list, reported revenue of 23.7 billion yuan last year, up 30.6 percent year on year.During the period, the profit reached 1.714 billion yuan, up 12.9% year on year. Citic Securities, Citigroup and Goldman Sachs are the co-sponsors.Vanke said that in order to take into account the interests of shareholders, and subject to certain conditions, eligible H-share holders will be provided with a guaranteed quota for the issuance of new shares under the global offering.The outbreak of medical stocks, the strongest surge of 37% Hong Kong stocks anti-epidemic concept stocks continued to strengthen, pioneering pharmaceutical up 37%, Fosun pharmaceutical up more than 12%.Medical and health stocks, Jingdong Health, Ping An Hao Doctor rose more than 10%.In the concept of interconnection and blood, technology stocks soared over the weekend regulatory policy, back to Hong Kong in the concept of stocks in the outbreak of science and technology plate.Meituan rose 7.4%, Baidu and JD.com more than 7%, and Tencent 2.96%.B station, auto home rose more than 10%.Hong Kong stocks after the close, the United States stocks related to the concept of stocks before the rally, is expected tonight in the concept of the Internet related fund net rise.On April 2, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) issued a draft regulation on strengthening the confidentiality and archives management related to Overseas securities issuance and listing of Domestic enterprises.Securities regulatory commission departments, said at a regular press briefing, head of the revision of the regulations designed to further strengthen domestic enterprises overseas listing related confidential and file management, clear information security responsibilities of listed companies, maintain national information security, reduce unnecessary classified sensitive information into the working papers, improve the efficiency of cross-border supervision cooperation,It reflects the concept of coordinated opening-up and security, and will promote the orderly development of overseas securities issuance and listing activities of Chinese domestic enterprises.After the regulation was released, Wang Hanfeng, chief strategist at CICC, said that it would be reasonable for Overseas Chinese stocks to achieve a significant valuation repair, but that greater scope still depends on further regulatory policies at the relevant industry level.Many AH shares rose more than 5% Hong Kong stocks skyrocketed, natural sentiment preference is also good A shares, especially many AH shares, after H shares surge, A shares will be directly driven.For example, Fosun Pharmaceutical and Vanke’s H shares rose by more than 10%, while wuxi Apptec and Rongchang Bio-tech rose by more than 9%.