Message | one year qingming, several memorial

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I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you.Although our way of meeting is so special, it can only be in a dream, but, I still eagerly look forward to.Every time in my dream, you are very close to me but never talk to me, even if a word.You, so close, so far away, just looking at me.How I want to hear you call me bestie name again, even if only one.How I would like to hold your warm hand again, even if only once.Dream, wake up, pillow, wet.Ice cold, cold.Oh, I met you in my dream again.Clear night, unusually quiet unusually cool.When I stood up and stopped on the balcony, I suddenly felt that the starry sky in a foreign land was very strange. There was only a light forced in from the curtain gap in the house, and the dark roof was split in two, making the darkness of the night no longer so perfect.Such starry sky, such night, that remote deep feeling is like tide and come, little, it is the memory of the home, drop, it is the tears of yearning.At the moment, I want to snuggle in your side, listen to your nagging, listen to your parents;At this moment, I want to sit in front of the dressing table, look into your eyes, feel your slender hands through my hair, touch my cheek;At this time, HOW I want to drink a cup of boiled water, is that childhood midsummer sweating when you cool boiled water for me……Falling from the sky drizzle, little bit is sad think of, and I when that, can place this lovesickness alone at that aperture light only, let cool breeze is taking it, bring the yearning that I cannot forget.So much grief, so much care, so many tears.How are you, far away in heaven?Are there also peach blossoms in full bloom, butterflies fluttering?You and I although the end of the world farewell, far apart, but that acacia, but xinxin read, until forever and ever.Contribution | Guo Yaqin (Jiuquan Toll Station) Editor | Han Na Audit | Fu Jinghua