Jingxin Pharmaceutical clarified that COVID-19 drug-related cooperation plate is hot, and many companies urgently responded to market rumors

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Last week after two consecutive gains limit, on the evening of March 27, Jingxin Pharmaceutical (002020) issued unusual announcement, for the company involved in the novel coronavirus drug cooperation related rumors to clarify.Reporters noted that in addition to Beijing Blue pharmaceutical, there are many companies also because of misinformation and related events associated with the share price change, and clarified.New pharmaceutical industry, according to the announcement, Beijing against abnormal fluctuations in stock trading company, the company to relevant matters checked and noticed that exists on the network about “jing new pharmaceutical industry there are three new crown of fluorine benzoyl chloride API”, “Beijing new pharmaceutical two cities have salt field at the same time the righteous/Pfizer medicine only one target key intermediates new champions league,” etc.The company clarified that Jingxin pharmaceutical’s API drugs are mainly quinolones, statins, and neuroleptics. Currently, the company and its subsidiaries have not carried out COVID-19 drug cooperation with Shionyeyi Pharmaceutical and Pfizer.2,4, 5-trifluorobenzoyl chloride planned for the Shandong base of the company is a key intermediate for the preparation of 2,4, 5-trifluorobenzoyl chloride, which needs a certain period of production, and is expected to have no material impact on the company’s performance in 2022.On March 24, Jingxin pharmaceutical’s share price rose straight in the afternoon to seal the daily limit, the next day opened high, and soon rose again.By the end of the 25th, Beijing Blue pharmaceutical shares closed 10.53 yuan/share.The reporter noted that recently, the concept of epidemic continues to strengthen, intermediate/raw material performance is the most strong, shionyeyi concept is active, open source Securities pointed out that Shionyeyi COVID-19 oral drug S-217622 submitted a clinical treatment approval application, phase 2A clinical results are positive.Among them, after five doses, the positive proportion of virus titer in low-dose S-217622 group was cleared.According to open Source Securities, one of the main raw materials of the novel coronavirus drugs is 1- (bromomethyl) -2,4, 5-trifluorobenzene (also known as 3,4, 5-trifluorobenzene), which can be obtained from 2,4, 5-trifluorobenzene formaldehyde through catalytic reduction and tribromoxion bromide substitution.As a result, shares of several companies involved in the concept have risen sharply, although some have said they were misrepresented.Like Jingxin, Yabang, which saw its shares rise by the daily limit on Monday and Friday, also clarified rumors of COVID-19 prescriptions in a statement.According to the announcement of Arbon, the company is concerned about the recent rumours in the market that the company is producing novel Coronavirus treatment raw materials such as triclotoluene and 5-chloro-toluidine.According to the company’s verification, the company does not produce novel coronavirus treatment drug raw materials such as trichlorotoluene and 5-chloro-toluidine.Trichlotoluene was originally produced by Jiangsu Jiamei Chemical Co., LTD., the company’s holding subsidiary. Due to the planning adjustment of Lianyungang Chemical Industrial Park, the company has stopped production and withdrawn, and the relevant devices have been removed.Earlier, the Internet rumors that Pku Pharmaceutical and Japan’s Shionoyoshi co., Ltd. collaborated on specific drugs for COVID-19, the company once sold seven tablets in 10 days, and the company has repeatedly denied the rumors.Peking University Hospital said in its announcement on March 16 that it had never carried out research and development of specific drugs for COVID-19, nor had it discussed cooperation with Shiono on specific drugs.Nortech biotech has also been caught up in the controversy over shiono’s novel coronavirus.Since March 10, the company’s share price has risen sharply.Notech is associated with Shiono because it is reported that shiono’s novel coronavirus intermediates are mainly peptides, and Notech is the main manufacturer of polypeptide intermediates and apis, and the only listed company with Ensitrelvir in the public information.In response, Nortech clarified that the company has carried out research and development of the intermediates mentioned in the report, and has the ability to supply small quantities in the research and development laboratory, but has not yet started commercial production.As of March 15, the company did not provide the intermediates to Shionoyoshi Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.Earlier this month, Changjiang Health was also involved in the Japanese COVID-19 oral drug incident, and its share price rose sharply from March 2, and hit a record high of 9.89 yuan per share on March 14. In nine trading days, it closed six times in a row, with an increase of 89.21% within the range.On March 14, Yangtze Health issued a statement clarifying that although it has entered into a cooperation with Shionoyi’s Changao Pharmaceutical co., LTD on lulite Luriconazole cream, the two sides have not carried out cooperation on COVID-19 treatment drugs.Clarification after the announcement, Yangtze Health shares fell.On the interactive platform, relevant companies have also responded.In the March 22, xin fluorine material, said about the treatment of pharmaceutical research and development of salt field will be coronavirus for oral administration of raw material of fluorine benzene intermediates 2, four, five – three fluorine bromine benzyl related products, the company is now only production test in a small amount of samples and only provide to some domestic customers for testing, trial, but the company did not directly to the righteous pharmaceutical salt field to provide the sample of the product.On March 18, Yongtai technology said that the company’s fluorobenzene intermediate products include difluoride, trifluoride, pentafluoride, hexafluoride, o-fluorine and fluorobenzene and other products, combined with market demand, timely development of new products, 1,2, 4-trifluorobenzene can be synthesized trifluorobromobenzyl.