“The 120-litre fuel tank added 161 litres of fuel” official notice: the petrol station was confiscated and fined

2022-05-26 0 By

Source: Chinese consumers reported a 120-litre fuel tank, but the filling machine at the gas station showed 161 litres of petrol.Late last year, a netizen posted a video on the Internet to report serious metering problems at a gas station in Huangdian Town, Yanting County, Sichuan Province.What was the result of the follow-up treatment?Reporters learned that Yanting County market supervision bureau recently investigated and punished huangdian Wangcheng gas station damage and use of unqualified measuring instruments (tanker) case, the gas station was confiscated illegal income 30.03 million yuan.It is understood that on November 3, 2021, the owner of the car, Zhou, went to the gas station to refuel. His van’s 120-liter fuel tank added 161 liters but was not fully filled. The two sides had a dispute, Zhou complained to 12345.After receiving complaints, Yanting County market supervision bureau law enforcement officers rushed to the scene, the parties to the 3 tanker on-site inspection and take the first registration preservation measures, the organization of Yanting County measurement testing institute for testing.After inspection, 3 tankers do not meet the sixth general technical requirements of JJG4432015 “Fuel tanker verification regulation”, the verification result is unqualified.According to the investigation, after the tanker was verified as qualified on May 11, 2021, the gas station paid 1,000 yuan to install a computer background program to destroy the accuracy of its measurement.During the illegal period, the party involved purchased 46.45 tons of no.0 diesel and sold 41.42 tons of it through the tanker involved, with a total amount of 303,000 yuan.The act of the party concerned violates article 16 of the Metrology Law and Article 22 of the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Metrology Law.According to the provisions of Article 26 of the “Measurement Law” and Article 46 of the “Implementation rules of the Measurement Law”, Yanting County market Supervision bureau ordered him to immediately correct the illegal act, confiscated the tanker involved, illegal income of 303,000 yuan, a fine of 2,000 yuan.