Huangshi, Hubei, issues “strictest rectification order” for real estate market

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Huangshi real estate market “the strictest rectification order” came!Recently,Huangshi city live built bureau issued the notice about the continuous renovation should standardize the order of the real estate market decided to work in the past years on the basis of in-depth continued to carry out the work order in the real estate market regulation concentrated in 2 years time to implement the Yellowstone order in the real estate market improved markedly regulation mainly involved in real estate development, home sales, housing lease, property management services in areas such as the people reflect strongly, society1. Real estate development enterprises start construction in violation of laws and regulations;2, not according to the construction drawing design document development and construction;3, not according to the housing sales contract as scheduled delivery;4, housing leakage, cracking, empty drum and other quality problems are prominent;5. Supporting facilities are not built according to the standard of complete residential community construction;6. Other illegal behaviors.1. Release false and illegal real estate advertisements and release false housing information;2, hoarding housing;3. Misappropriation of transaction supervision funds;4, take or assist to take “business loan” “consumer loan” and other non-personal housing loans for house purchase;5, to help people to illegally evade housing transaction taxes;6, illegal collection of advance payment, “tea fee” and other fees, disguised price increase;7. Infringement of consumer rights by unfair format clauses;8, bundled sales of parking Spaces, storage rooms, residential parking Spaces “only for sale not rent”;9. Fabricate and spread false information to disturb the market order;10. Other violations of laws and regulations.1. Operating without submitting the opening report;2. Failure to truthfully and completely submit relevant lease information as required;3. The network information platform fails to perform the responsibility of verifying the qualification of the subject of information release;4. Deduct rent deposit;5. Use violence, threats and other means to forcibly drive out tenants;6. Conducting consumer loan business for housing rental in violation of regulations;7, there are “high in low out”, “long close short pay” and other high-risk business behaviors;8. Not handling rent supervision according to regulations;9. Other illegal behaviors.1. Failure to provide services in accordance with the content and standards agreed in the property service contract;2, according to the provisions of the public property service fee project standards, the owners of the common part of the operation and income, maintenance funds and other related information;3. Collect fees in excess of the contract provisions or published charging standards;4. Unauthorized use of the common part of the owners to carry out business activities, embezzlement, embezzlement of the common part of the owners of the operating income;5. Refuse to withdraw from the property service project without justified reasons after the property service contract is rescinded or terminated according to law;6. Other illegal behaviors.Ministry of huangshi city goalkeeper for real estate development, home sales, housing lease, property services in areas such as a comprehensive screening and hair change, public security, natural resources and planning, tax, market supervision, silver, net letter by ia department coordination, information sharing to form should work in accordance with the law strictly investigate violation behavior pattern in jointly promote the renovation work to strengthen the joint investigation, combined to punishQuit to increase the punishment of illegal behavior and exposure strength look forward to the rectification work to achieve real results to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in Huangshi What good suggestions you have about the real estate market regulation comment area chat ~ source: Huangshi Radio and TELEVISION