Honda’s best-selling MPV has lost its unique weapon, but is the StepWgn still popular?

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Speaking of Honda’s MPV, the first reaction of domestic car owners should be Odyssey. However, in Japan, the size is slightly smaller, but the interior space is larger, and the StepWgn, which is more flexible, is more popular.In early 2022, the StepWgn will be unveiled. It will be simpler and more designed, but it will lose its biggest feature, the two-segment open rear door, making it not much different from the Toyota and Nissan MPV.The new generation of Honda StepWgn in the appearance of the design style is very simple, fresh, there is a return to the second generation of products both look at the feeling.The next generation of Honda StepWgn will be divided into two versions. The white model displayed at the press conference site is the AIR version, which has relatively low configuration and belongs to the mass model.And the dark version of the Spada version, a relatively high configuration, is an advanced version of the model.With its square body and rounded corners, the Honda StepWgn looks like a home MPV, and its taillight features a vertical strip.In addition, even the regular AIR has dark privacy glass in the rear window.The head part design also does not have too many edges and corners and modelling, looks the whole sense is very strong, concise, clean.Headlights use LED light source, white daytime driving lights have a good delicate feeling.The front parking radar can also be seen in the front part of the car, the basic configuration of the car does not look low.The size of the wheel is not big, but the shape of the city feeling is full, the wind resistance of the large closed wheel will be relatively small, to the daily car fuel saving has a certain help.The interior is still Honda’s usual design style, the use of full LCD meters and suspended center control large screen, all operating functions are concentrated in the center console half, air conditioning air outlet material is very similar to the new Civic.The steering wheel is also the latest Honda styling and, judging by the configuration of the multi-function buttons above, L2 driver assistance is not absent on this MPV either.The large size of the full LCD instrument is very good to enhance the sense of technology in the car, the style is still very traditional double dial.The new StepWgn uses a CVT transmission, while the AIR uses a traditional mechanical shift lever.Automatic air conditioning, electronic handbrake, autohold, automatic start and stop control buttons are all in this area.When the cover plate in front of the copilot is opened, there is a large storage compartment. In front of the air outlet, there is a hidden cup holder, which will pop up after being pressed by hand. There is an open storage tank below, where small items such as mobile phone wallet can be conveniently used.The AIR version uses flannelette seats, which are all manually adjusted. The front seats have independent armrests. Although they are flannelette seats, they look quite warm.The second row seats are two independent seats, and the left and right seats have double armrests, which should be comfortable for daily use.The second row of seats after adjustment can be completely flat, with the third row of seats cushion to form a large flat car space, to the car with a matching air mattress, outing should be very comfortable to sleep in the car.The SPADA version is the higher-profile version and will look slightly different from the AIR, with a significantly larger intake grid on the front and a more sporty black honeycomb look.The SPADA version of StepWgn looks a little bit lower overall.And with the addition of a larger rear wing, it does feel noticeably more luxurious and sportier than the AIR.The front part looks like it has the potential to be designed as a big mouth with the top and bottom of the net. There should be different front parts in the future.The large rear wing does look good visually, and the horizontal silver trim strips do a nice job.Honda StepWgn supports double electric sliding door, inductive opening, daily use should be very convenient.The hub-style AIR version is not much different from the SPADA version.The SPADA version on display uses Honda’s E :HEV hybrid powertrain, which should consume between 5-6L/100km in daily use.The interior of the SPADA is not much different from the AIR, but the overall luxurious atmosphere will be significantly improved.The leather-wrapped steering wheel, Honda’s latest incarnation, looks sporty.Full LCD instrument provides a good sense of science and technology, and all kinds of data, information display will be very comprehensive.The shift area aspect can see the difference, the SPADA version uses the push-button electronic shift mechanism, saves space than the AIR version of the traditional mechanical shift lever, and looks really much taller.The floating LCD screen has all kinds of mainstream functions, such as entertainment and navigation. However, in terms of vehicle and engine, there is a big gap between Japanese cars and Chinese cars, and we are in the lead.The button operation area under the steering wheel has left and right electric sliding door, headlight height adjustment, electric tail door opening and ESP switch.The SPADA has leather seats and a more frictionless fabric in the middle of the car that touches the body, but it’s visually better than the AIR.The second row of seats also add legs that can be adjusted independently, which greatly increases ride comfort.Storage bags can be seen behind the first row of seats, as well as a small table that can be folded up, and a hollowedcup holder on the table, which is convenient for daily use.The second row of seats can not only move forward and backward, it can also move left and right, if the second row of a baby and the mother to take care of the baby, the left and right seats close together, it will be more convenient to take care of.The seats in the third row can be split and recline at a ratio of 1/2, and the third row is also flexible for space conversion between carrying and carrying people.The third row seats have a large back adjustment Angle, and reclining back will greatly increase the comfort of the third row.Even when all three rows of seats are open, there is still good storage space under the trunk, and small suitcases and backpacks are not a problem.The third row of seats can be completely hidden under the floor after folding down, providing a large flat space for the car, the second row of seats forward, this large space for carrying things can be dry “cargo pull”.Honda’s StepWgn is all well and good, except that it cuts the most important feature of the previous model. The dual-door tailgate, which opens 50% sideways and 100% upwards, is a generic Japanese MPV, which is a bit of a disappointment, although it will probably still sell well.But it always feels like a little less soul.