She almost lost her daughter when she mistook depression for rebellion, and there are four common signs of depression

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“Mom, I feel so bad. I took all fifteen pills.Why am I still unhappy when I finish eating?”Many days, when Zhang Mei (pseudonym) closed her eyes, she could see in her mind what her daughter had said on the other end of the phone after taking medicine.That day, she ran home and locked herself out of the house.Before long, Zhang Mei received this phone call from her daughter in the room.No matter how Zhang Mei begged to open the door, there was no movement in the room.It was not until three hours later that the father burst into the house that the dazed daughter was taken to the hospital.Zhang Mei thought hard, how could her daughter become so?”Why are you being such a pain in the ass?”My daughter is studying in a key high school of the province. She has no worries about food and clothing. She has been doing well in her studies, but she always has problems in interpersonal communication.Since living on campus, my daughter has always called to say that she was bullied by classmates and isolated by roommates.But Zhang mei told her, “Have you ever thought that if you have a bad relationship with everyone, it might be your own problem?”After that, she asked for help more and more frequently, even to the elderly family members.Whole person also changed, careless study, begin to fall in love, Zhang Mei still found emergency contraceptive in the bag.On weekends, my daughter locked herself in her room and slept all day, not liking the sun.Late at night will cry, when Zhang Mei came to appease, noisy to kick her out.Zhang Mei can not think of her daughter’s performance may be psychological problems, but confused and helpless.She couldn’t understand why her daughter was doing this, why she had been trying to make herself uncomfortable.”Mom, MAYBE I’m sick. Maybe I’m depressed.”My daughter blurted out these words one night at dinner.Zhang Mei flurried to interrupt her, “what children talk nonsense, don’t think in disorder, put the mind on learning!”02. Maybe she pushed her daughter away by herself long ago. In fact, long before taking the medicine, her daughter had expressed suicidal thoughts.She called one day and said she was standing in the hallway at school and wanted to jump.Zhang Mei felt something was wrong and quickly took her daughter to the hospital, where she was diagnosed as moderate depression and mild anxiety.But at that time, Zhang Mei did not really understand the seriousness of the disease.Now, facing her daughter on the hospital bed, Zhang Mei regrets her neglect and longs to know what happened to her daughter.What should you do?The doctor advised Zhang mei to make fewer demands on her daughter, and to talk about the past and apologize to her daughter.It was when she talked with her daughter about her childhood that Zhang mei found out that she had never praised her child and had only denied her and asked her to do so.Never put myself in my daughter’s shoes, never asked her what happened.Every time her daughter asked for help, Zhang Mei regarded her as capricious, rebellious and disobedient…The past cannot be redone. Next, Zhang Mei will suspend her daughter from school and accompany her daughter to recover slowly.In 2020, the detection rate of depression among Chinese teenagers was 24.6%, of which 7.4% was major depression.According to the WHO, there are nearly 100 million people with depression in China, with a lifetime prevalence rate of 6.9%.The Mental Health Development Report of Chinese Primary and Secondary School Students (2019), a survey of more than 60,000 primary and secondary school students across the country, shows that 11.03% of students are troubled by depressive symptoms.Two, depression patients often have 4 symptoms why depression?Many people do not understand depression patients, think that is the performance of cowardice, or their own “make” out.In fact, depression is a disease on the depression spectrum, generally refers to major depressive disorder.Diagnosis is based on the ICD-10 or DSM-5 diagnostic criteria, which includes three core symptoms: being depressed most of the day and staying depressed for more than two weeks;Loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities;Often feel tired, fatigue.And seven additional symptoms: low self-esteem, self-blame, suicidal thoughts, reduced thinking or concentration, lethargy, sleep disturbances, and changes in appetite.So, it’s either unhappy, depressed or depressed, and there are other diagnostic criteria.Depression tends to have four typical symptoms: one is slow reaction, inattention.Second, they feel that life is meaningless and they are not interested in anything.Third, they often blame themselves and feel guilty.Fourth, they feel useless.The proportions of the above 4 symptoms were 20.94%, 9.46%, 7.04% and 5.63%, respectively.Three, depression, don’t carry depression is not a simple mood problem, but also a psychological problem.At present, for depression, there are mainly drug therapy, psychological therapy and physical therapy three methods.Among them, medication is a common way to treat depression.It should be noted that there is a risk of repeated attacks of depression. After the end of acute treatment for patients with the first attack, supplementary treatment and maintenance treatment should be continued to eliminate symptoms, avoid recurrence and let patients return to normal work and life.Therefore, during the period of taking medicine, we must adhere to the standard medication, can not stop medicine, stop medicine must be assessed by professional doctors first, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease.Either way, don’t be afraid to seek professional help when you can’t handle it on your own.All boats do not ferry others.Reference materials [1] “Don’t delay the illness! Workplace people have three symptoms of depression should seek medical examination”.[2] What is Depression?Shanghai First People’s Hospital. 2021-04-01[3] “How to deal with depression in children? Please tell these three words to children”.It is forbidden to reprint this article without the author’s permission