People’s Daily named and criticized 3 universities in Fujian, the diploma is worthless, parents should be careful to register

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With the development of The Times, the education level of Fujian province has reached a new height, among which the improvement of higher education level is the most obvious, in addition to the familiar Fuzhou University, Xiamen University and Fujian Normal University, there are also a number of key universities.Fujian province higher education progress rapidly, highly diploma mill “take care” level of higher education development of fujian province is now more and more fast, not only in the school, the number of students increased, each year the number of outstanding students and personnel training is also in improving, according to the speed of development, fujian is a chance to enter the ranks of a powerful province of education.Just like this, Fujian province also began to be taken care of by the university of pheasant!The local education department is also vigorously investigating and removing these malicious schools to remove the “obstacles” in the progress of higher education in Fujian Province.Xiamen Normal University: As we all know, although the strength of higher education in Fujian province has made rapid progress, the number of universities has increased, but there are very few normal universities, in addition to the familiar Fujian Normal University, there are not too many key universities with the same major.As such, many pheasant universities, such as Xiamen Normal University, have taken advantage of the fact that they are teachers’ schools developed by local education authorities to deceive students and parents.So everyone must be careful when entering oneself for an examination, have doubt must go to local education branch to seek advice.Fujian Institute of Light Industry: this university diploma is worthless, cheating students and parents in a variety of ways, when the students graduate to find their diploma is worthless, is fake.The biggest question point of this school lies in its name to have a province character namely, we want to know, the name of a university does not contain the province character, even if there is also very rare, so we must see the name of this school first when registering for an examination, there is a doubt must consult the school.And still have to remind the university a bit, must not be deceived by the false website of these pheasant university and leaflets, their purpose is malicious, so everything is false, so we must be careful when registering for an examination, must not stray among them.Fujian University of Economics and Business: This pheasant university claims to be the most powerful among local finance and economics colleges, and will tell parents and students that it is a private school.It is also so, many parents and students are also put down the vigilance, directly into its routine, when the students graduate only to find that they are cheated, to find a job when their education is still high school, so we must be careful, register for college must listen to the teacher’s advice.Parents register for an examination to need careful parents and students must be careful when registering for an examination, must not have greedy small cheap psychology.When we enter oneself for an examination, we must thoroughly see clearly the official website that wants to enter oneself for an examination of the school and operation data, have doubt also should put forward to concerned branch in time, when necessary must let the teacher participate in help.Besides these, also hint, each student’s grade parents know, so its real strength can enter the undergraduate university is the first thing to consider, often fly-by-night cheating students are unstable students and their parents, so we have reached out to the future if you meet your school must be treated with caution.The author has words: fujian province pheasant university has not been banned, parents should do so Although the level of higher education in Fujian province has been greatly prompted, but the pheasant university has not been completely banned, so we must be careful when registering for an examination.Finally here also want to prompt the majority of parents, when the child registers for an examination must help, need to find information must be found in time, must not fall into the trap of pheasant university.Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the breeze say education congratulations!Four middle schools in Hebei were shortlisted as the source of high-quality students of Tsinghua University, but the holiday balance of local education is insufficient!There is also bad news that the 2022 Liaoning university ranking has been released. Northeast Financial University has made rapid progress, and Northeast University is unexpected