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Text notes;The world will not abandon you, as long as you do not abandon yourself.Shout hard, there will always be an echo in the valley…The starting point for each of us is;Naked to the world, the end is;And will leave naked at last.Our time in the world is limited, however, we want to create miracles, create valuable wealth is unlimited…I am an amateur in poetry, prose and literature. Since October 6, 2020, I have contributed numerous articles for a hobby, with no income or income.But I still hold;From the wind, life does not give up the mentality.On the road of literary creation, still walk forward!Never give up.Persistence is a pursuit, a belief, a sentiment, a virtue!Is a never give up the embodiment of the strong willpower!Because I believe;Life one day, will give me a warm hug.I don’t think I could ever surpass them.Modern outstanding women in China;Strongman forerunner Zhang Guimei, Yu Xiuhua.Although, I know;I did not zhang Guimei as noble, selfless, selfless.For the mountainous area tens of millions of girls out of the mountains, out of poverty, get rid of ignorance, become a new idea;Women of the new age.But her kind of upward, sense of justice, the ideal of great personality, worth me to learn!I know;I do not have yu Xiuhua’s persistence and courage to say and do, and write “Through half of China……”Dare to use the pen to ask the people, the courage to pick up a pen to the world;To decayed tens of thousands of years of constant ancient invariable old ideas, challenge!To spread from ancient times to the world, the traditional concept of male superiority and female inferiority, to the feudal thought of discrimination against women’s eyes, bravely, loudly say;”No”!This is a display of high integrity.A call for millions of women around the world;Respect for women and strive for equal legal rights and interests of men and women!To still go, to still come, so all the way stumbled along!Many of my works;I haven’t made a dime so far.But WHAT I got out of it was something more valuable than profit, something more important than money.That is,Writing tempered my fragile character and made me see unexpected surprises!From my first work no one read it, no one liked it, not even a single fan.However, I later found that through my continuous publishing, my original writing level is getting higher and higher, and the rate of overwriting is getting higher and higher. Besides being recognized by the platform, my works are also recognized and loved by the majority of readers.As the volume of my works is constantly updated, my works are appreciated and read by more and more poetry lovers and literature lovers.The likes went from one or two to ten or eight, to dozens, to hundreds.They also liked, liked and forwarded some of my excellent works.Perhaps, through the generous support of my dear readers;One of my better works, one of my profound works, will be in the folk.I will echo to the world, I think;Through my own relentless efforts, I did it.Isn’t that an unexpected, unexpected surprise?Even if we don’t make much money on our work?When we write, do we write for money?Since it’s a hobby, just write it.Put the rest aside for now!It is our original intention to make more readers able to read the valuable words we have worked so hard to record, so that they will enjoy their benefits.That first do their own original intention, let us not hesitate to take action!Light before, ask no gain, ask no gain.People leave a mark in history;A thousand people’s ode to a wild goose.We want to echo the world, we have been, have been.We will live out the life of self, live out the wonderful!We live worth it, we die worth it.Although, we did not like Zhang Guimei, Yu Xiuhua, as the world left a big echo.However, even if we leave a small echo, it is not worthwhile to walk on the afterlife!One thing I’ve learned from constant writing is that life is short.Our only pair of eyes do not blindly only stare at the money, sometimes, the time has not yet to mature, must look ahead!Only go farther, stand higher, natural harvest becomes more, even more and more income.Harvest full!The harvest would have been far less.Plunge into the rewarding, unpredictable joy of writing!That kind of wholehearted pay, get practical happy mood!That kind of full every day, not empty lonely mood!Excuse me;And how much can it buy?The value beyond money is inferior to gold and silver mountains, and its meaning cannot be measured by money.Is the so-called;People have left a name, ask a question!What we should do;Is to leave the footprints of life for his short life!Cherish the precious time and energy you can have in your life, to do something meaningful.Add luster to their life, to belong to our infinite attachment to the world echo.Here;Let’s read ostrovsky’s famous words together;What is most precious to a man is life, and it belongs to him but once, so that a man should live it: when he looks back on the past, he shall not feel the re gre t for wasting his time, nor feel the shame for doing nothing.So that, dying, he might say: “All my life, all my strength were given to the finest cause in all the world, the fight for the liberation of mankind.”The last;Let us cherish life, don’t waste time, don’t let time slip away, leave no regrets, live up to it.Let us encourage ourselves to keep moving forward and leave footprints in life!Echoes to the world.People will leave the beautiful world