Netizens hope hainan to increase the non-only child paternity leave, official: the proposal is very good!It will be suggested to add relevant content

2022-05-25 0 By

Recently, some netizens in the People’s Daily online “leadership message board” reflect that “hope Hainan to increase the care of the non-only child bed leave”.On March 30, the Health commission of Hainan province replied that the proposal is very good, and the next step will be to suggest the standing Committee of the provincial People’s Congress to increase the provision of paternity leave for non-only children or their dependants.On March 25, a netizen said on the “leadership message board” of the People’s Daily online that it is proposed to increase the nursing leave for non-only children, and parents of non-only children should also enjoy being accompanied by their children.A couple has multiple children, but the children cannot apply for nursing leave in their respective units, and no one will take care of their parents once they fall ill.Especially for the children are outside the provinces and cities to work and settle down the family, parents are empty nesters, should let non-only children also have the right to apply for nursing leave, or detailed provisions, for parents empty nest to take care of the situation, so that their children can be accompanied by their illness.At present, three-child birth is open, and the supporting system should be improved.Nursing leave is the right of every child and should not be given only to the only child.Every sick parent needs to be taken care of, no matter the only child or not.The Hainan Provincial Health Commission replied on March 30 that the suggestion was excellent!As the aging of the population continues to deepen, the health of the elderly is not optimistic, the elderly care and other issues are becoming increasingly prominent, the public is generally concerned about this.Therefore, hainan in 2017 to modify the implementation of hainan province < the elderly rights and interests protection of the People's Republic of China > certain rules (2017), article 20 of the specified “during the state advocates a couple bear a children, voluntary lifelong gave birth to a child’s family only old people sick hospitalization, unit of choose and employ persons ought to support to care for their children,And give an accumulative total of no more than 15 days of nursing time every year, nursing wages and benefits during the same.”According to the hainan Provincial Health Commission, other provinces such as Xinjiang and Heilongjiang have also stipulated nursing leave for non-only children and their dependants when revising the law on the Elderly.In the Regulations on Elderly Care Services of Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province clearly states that if the parents of employees of state organs, enterprises, institutions and social organizations at the age of 60 or older or the elderly supported by them are hospitalized, they are encouraged to give the employees paternity leave based on the actual situation of their own units and the disease certificate issued by the hospital.Finally, the Health commission of Hainan province said that it would suggest the standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress to increase the provision of paternity leave for people who are not the only child or their dependants when revising provisions on implementing the Law of the People’s Republic of China on protecting the Rights and Interests of the Elderly in Hainan Province.