More than 40 meters underground, 100 people team with shield machine “stride forward”

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“From The New Year’s Eve, the shield machine ‘vacation’ three days for ‘comprehensive physical examination’, beginning on the third day of the New Year, the underground excavation resumed to the 24-hour rhythm.”On February 5, said Ye Qing, site manager of the Heping Avenue South Extension (Zhongshan Road – Zhangzhidong Road) project of Wuhan Urban Construction Group, who has been working hard during the Spring Festival.At the project site, a worker is maintaining the segment.Changjiang daily reporter Ren Yong taken during the Spring Festival, ferial quiet a lot of zhongshan road, traffic in wuchang from here by the citizens didn’t notice, deep underground for more than 40 meters, a large diameter of shield machine endlessly day and night, at “big step forward” toward Peng Liu Yang, through the low density housing area after the Spring Festival is overall.Assembling hand Li Huailun operates the controller for precise SMT.Changjiang daily reporter Ren Yong taken 5, changjiang daily reporter at the scene of the site to see, the large tank car continuously by the pipe to underground grouting, segment the workers check the lifting segment appearance is neat, not far in the processing zone, small forklift on standby, to 50 cm in diameter tube grouting, the slurry pipe transportation to designated location;More than 40 meters underground and with a diameter of 16.03 meters, the New Year of the Tiger shield is moving about 20 meters in the established direction, with a team of more than 100 people circling it 24 hours a day.More than 40 meters underground in the control room of the shield machine, Ren Wei, Liu Kai and Wang Yan from the 14th Engineering Bureau of China Railway Stick to their posts.As the person in charge of the scene, Ye Qing was still busy until 5 PM on New Year’s Eve, and then hurried to her grandmother’s house in optics Valley to have a reunion dinner with her family.After dinner, Ye Qing rushed back home to prepare for the next day’s work.”Since childhood, my grandmother and I are the most close, the next day the project is normal work, so I can not accompany her to stay up with her.”At the site of the project, more than 40 meters underground, a worker sticks to his post.During the maintenance of the shield machine, the atmosphere of the whole project is much more relaxed than the usual construction.Ye Qing said, but the management personnel still regularly go to work every day, the shield machine maintenance immediately returned to the usual work rhythm.Wang Xiaolin (left) and Li Tao (right) are preparing for the upcoming film.Yangtze River Daily reporter Ren Yong photo project deputy manager Fan Shuai, so far, the heping Avenue south extension (Zhongshan Road – Zhangzhidong Road) project tunnel section has been a total of 430 meters of excavation, is passing through the high development of karst areas and dense low housing areas, and strive to complete the shield tunneling machine within the year each major node.The open-cut section has made rapid progress. The main structure except the area affected by the receiving well has been basically completed, and 80% of the road surface has been recovered.Up to now, heping Avenue south Extension (Zhongshan Road – Zhangzhidong Road) project tunnel section has been dug more than 430 meters.Changjiang daily reporter Ren Yong perturbation peace avenue south road, zhongshan road, zhang zhidong) project in the future will be connected and zhang zhidong road, peace avenue to wuchang, add a north and south along the river’s backbone channel part adopts the underground tunnel shield machine, as the largest inland city excavation diameter of shield machine, its underground tunnel is two-way six lanes,It is also the largest single tube double layer tunnel on urban road in China.(Changjiang Daily reporter Gong Ping correspondent Yuan Liang Wang Xibo)