Many milk chips into the market, how is the performance?

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Many people are familiar with milk tablets, which can be used as dairy products and snacks, and many consumers still pay attention to them.Moreover, many brands have entered the milk slice market, and milk slice products are constantly enriched.From the perspective of milk tablet products in the current market, there are still some problems, such as non-milk ingredients, small amount of promotional selling points and different production standards, etc. In addition, although there are many brands and products in the milk tablet market, the homogenization problem still exists.However, the milk slice market still has room for improvement, but the market may also need efforts in many aspects to further expand, promote the development of the whole market to standardization and quality.Nowadays, consumers’ health awareness is increasing. In the post-epidemic era, the demand for dairy products is stronger, and the demand for diversified dairy products is also increasing.According to Euromonitor data, the size of China’s dairy market was 414.62 billion yuan in 2020 and is expected to reach 550.83 billion yuan in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% from 2021 to 2025.In order to meet consumer demand, dairy products on the market are gradually enriched, milk, yogurt, dairy drinks, cheese and other products continue to appear.In fact, in addition to these dairy products, under the diversified demand, milk slice has also gained some attention.When it comes to milk tablets, many people are familiar with them. Flake and milk flavor are relatively prominent product characteristics, which gradually came into the public’s view from about 2004, but this category has been developing tepid for many years.Compared with other dairy products, milk tablets are not a larger category.And milk tablet can get attention, probably mainly because of its portability, nutrition and other characteristics to attract a part of consumers.And in the snack market, milk tablet is also an important category, covering a wide range of consumer groups.What is the status of the market?Although the milk slice market as a whole has not yet grown, it does not seem to affect the layout of the milk slice market. At present, there are many brands and products involved in the milk slice market.A search for “milk slice” on Taobao reveals dozens of brands, including Yili, Mengniu, Xiaolu Lanlan, Bei Aiqiwei, Mulun, Gudaoxian, Grassland Red Bull, Duo Maomao and Liangpin Shop.Some of these brands are designed to do baby food, it is not difficult to see that milk tablets are also many parents as children’s daily nutritional supplement choice.In addition, like Mengniu, Yili and other large dairy enterprises are also layout of this market.In addition, it is worth mentioning that the milk tablet market is not only a brand, but also a lot of products.In the past, milk tablets were common, but now there are colostrum milk tablets, camel milk tablets, sheep milk tablets and other products, and the selling points of products have expanded from dairy nutrition to high calcium, probiotics, lactic acid bacteria and so on.Milk slice category further subdivided, may be better to attract the attention of consumers.For example, from the perspective of infants and children, colostrum, high calcium, probiotics and other points are more concerned by parents, but also can help brand differentiation.What are the problems with the product?However, there are many kinds of milk tablet products on the market, but can they really achieve consumption expectations?In fact, there are some problems in the ingredients and production standards of many milk tablets on the market, and the nutritional value may not be as high as advertised.On the one hand, from the perspective of ingredients, since it is called milk slice, what is the content of dairy products?In fact, although some milk slices are labeled as milk slices, but there were plant fat ends in the ingredients list, or even only the emergence of plant fat ends, which has to make people doubt its nutritional value.On the other hand, in terms of the amount of added milk, such as cow colostrum milk tablet and camel milk tablet, they look attractive, but the amount of added milk may be less.For example, the amount of colostrum powder added to baby deer blue cow’s colostrum milk is 1%, and the amount of colostrum powder added to duomao cow’s colostrum milk with high calcium content is 0.5g/100g. For example, the whole camel milk powder ranks the last place in the list of ingredients.Another point is production standards. Some enterprises use enterprise standards and some enterprises use local standards. Generally speaking, they are not standardized.For example, the production standard of baby deer Blue cow colostrum is Q/FJN 0024S, the production standard of baby cow colostrum high calcium milk tablet is DBS15/002, and the production standard of Yili milk tablet is Q/NYLB 0072S.Homogenization phenomenon still exists. It is worth mentioning that even though there are many brands and products in the milk tablet market, and different brands have different product positioning, they still cannot escape the homogenization situation.Most brands also focus on milk, such as camel’s milk and goat’s milk, which are still a small part.Niu Grandma film has appeared for a long time, and consumers have a deep understanding of it. However, it may not be easy to distinguish among many brands.And although there are colostrum, camel milk, sheep milk, but the amount of these selling points is still a problem.Even if it catches the eye at first, it may not be enough in the long run.In addition, there is the problem of product packaging. In addition to some products mainly targeted at infants and children, the packaging design is more suitable for children’s aesthetic, the rest of the milk tablet products are basically similar in packaging, which may be difficult to leave a deep impression on people when put together, and relatively difficult to capture consumers.How will the milk tablet market develop in the future?Faced with all kinds of problems existing in the current milk tablet market, it may not be difficult to understand why the market can accumulate so many brands, but it is difficult to get out of a representative enterprise.Of course, the small size and low attention of the milk tablet market may also be an important reason, but the reality may also affect the growth of the milk tablet market.Since there are still many enterprises unwilling to give up this market, maybe they should also consider how to occupy a larger share in this market and how to promote the market to grow further.In particular, milk slices occupy a place in the dairy market and snack market, and there is room for improvement in the market.Based on the current market situation, enterprises may pay more attention to products, such as further improving the differentiation of products, whether through the product itself or product packaging, to continuously deepen the impression and attract more consumers.In addition to corporate efforts, the entire milk tablet market also needs further regulation, which may also need industry impetus.For example, relevant production standards are issued to define and restrict milk tablet products, so as to facilitate enterprises to adopt appropriate production standards and produce products that meet demands.In general, the development of the future milk tablet market is still inseparable from the joint efforts of various parties, and consumers need products with real advantages.Industry thinking: under the diversified demand of dairy products and the development of snack market, milk tablet has also begun to gain more attention.However, although there are many milk tablet products and brands on the market, there are still some problems in the development of the whole market, and the phenomenon of product homogenization still exists.Since many brands are concerned about the milk tablet market, it also shows that this market has potential to a certain extent, but it still needs the efforts of many parties to further promote the development and growth of the milk tablet market.